Zerodha is known by the tag of the #1 broker in India. Are you confused between brokers out there? If yes, then this Zerodha full review will help you decide if you really need to go with them.

To be honest, when I heard about Zerodha, I instantly went with them to open my account despite they charge Rs 200 as the account opening charges. Well, we will know soon.

Is Zerodha Trust Worthy?

Now I will tell you why I went with them instantly without researching because they are the #1 broker in India and why exactly is that?

Zerodha now has over 36.2 Lakh clients and all these clients came on their own. Yes on its own because of their wonderful platform which went from nothing to everything it is now.

Zerodha does a ZERO promotion and still gets their clients unlike Upstox (which promotes a lot) as you see in the current year IPL T20.

Yes, in short they are trust worthy. I’ve been with them for over 2 years and I haven’t experienced any discrepancies of some sort.

In fact, I love their trading terminal and their consoles ability to manage everything clean and crisp. Even when the trades are handled off-market, they have this setting to set your average buying price so that it can show live P&L correctly.

Zerodha Full Review: Charges & Fee

Zerodha indeed takes an opening charge of Rs 200 but it is understandable compared to their services. The account maintenance charges of Zerodha are around Rs 300 per year while the government taxes and trades charges remain the same as all discount brokers offer, i.e, Rs 20 per trade.

The only advantage when it comes to charges is the Debit Transaction Charges. Zerodha collects fairly less debit transaction charges upon selling your holding (DP Charges) of just Rs 12.5 which after GST is Rs 15.5.

Trading Experience With Kite Zerodha

In all these years with Zerodha, I do sometimes got glitches and hangs in between of the trade but sometimes it happens due to lot of loads on server. However, yes you might make losses if this happens.

It happened only once or twice in all these years with Zerodha, and they are regularly upgrading their application and web platform including their servers to minimize such risks.

Overall, the web platform Kite is very well designed with Dark Mode which is amazing. Everything inside is well organized and easy to access even for the beginner.

There are 5 watchlist which can hold 50 Scrips at a time which gives you with 250 scrips on your hand. The Kite Zerodha also comes with premium integrated charting tool we all love, TradingView, and this is quite amazing.

Also, the placing of orders and checking your positions as well as holding as managed well. They also introduced a feature called GTT which automatically sells at your price if you have any holding but you can’t really manually able to sell in market hours.

Zerodha Console

I pretty much like Zerodha for it’s console. The console looks beautiful and give you very insightful things you need to know right away without making it complicated like the other brokers.

Zerodha has one of the neatest back office to be honest, in my opinion. If you don’t believe me, check it out yourself.

Zerodha Console (Holdings)

I like the overview of our holdings at one place which are even shown separately on the Pie Chart in the following overview tab,

  • Per Market Capitalization
  • Per Sector
  • Per Allocation of your investment, i.e, Equity, Mutual Funds, Bonds, etc.

The console have much more features, where you can track P&L, check your ledger and much more.

Zerodha Varsity

The most amazing thing I liked about Zerodha is that they provide their clients with an amazing compilation of information to help their clients learn about the investing and trading. I learnt many useful things from their application called “Zerodha Varsity”.

In this application, they teach you the basics of the stock market, from investing to patterns and candlesticks. They also have divided it into chapters and gave quizzes at the end of each chapter.

You can checkout the Zerodha Varsity.

Wrapping Up

In the end, Zerodha is pretty much the only broker you will need in the end to rely on. I joined them in 2020 and its been almost more than 1 year with them and I can say they are pretty well compared to my previous broker Upstox.

But, in this one year, Upstox has been doing quite well and catching the pace. You can also read my Upstox Review or just go through a Versus Battle of Upstox & Zerodha.

However, I assure you that both of the brokers are doing well at their own place. If you’re a trader and an investor, then I suggest you to open accounts with both of the brokers. You can easily maintain a long term portfolio with Upstox and do your swing and day trading with Zerodha.

Hope you like the post, see you again sometime soon in the next post. For now, keep sharing if you like the content on my blog, and let us know the same in the comment section below.