The books about investing, money and Stock Market can be tricky. Not all books are written for beginners, however, I will try to list down the books that even a beginner can learn about managing money and gaining the mindset of rich.

We all are aware of the fact that without knowledge in the market, we are as useless as the Little Crane moving the evergreen massive container ship and trying to make a way through the Suez canal.

Suez Canal Authority

Jokes apart, let’s dig into this further and tighten our knowledge in the stock market to become profitable in the coming days. The books about investing I will be discussing below are very well written and you get to learn amazing lessons.

There will be a time, where you will have money sometime soon if you’re a teenager and you can invest in yourself now to manage the money later and get financially free before the people around you wasting their time on social media showing off their dad’s wealth.

The Best Books About Investing, Money & Stock Market?

The very best books are written hundreds of years ago and we all know that scenario changes over time. However, in the case of the stock market, the scenario gets even better over time.

The books about investing and the stock market still work, but investing is a different game for everybody so learn from these books and make your own game.

We now have good regulators doing their job round the clock, we have much more than we think. The book provides you with the trading and investing knowledge or the knowledge of financial management.

It is, however, your responsibility to take the words and convert them into action before things get better for you.

I suggest you read these books about investing once or even twice or thrice to get the actual knowledge about the Money & Stock Market.

#1 The Intelligent Investor By Bejamin Graham

If you have already guessed it to be on the top list, well you were right. This is one of the top books to get immense knowledge of Investing. The top priority of investing should be to reduce the risk of your current capital.

This book helps you understand that risk and highlights the actual value of investing rather than investing as a speculator.

There are few highlights I learned from this book are,

  1. Value Investor buys a business, however, a speculator buys a stock which he believes the price will go up.
  2. Don’t ever buy IPO’s. (Learned this the hard way, read the chapter yourself to know why)
  3. Considering the companies that don’t pay dividend should be your last option or it is better not to consider value investing
  4. The best way to earn consistent returns is to invest in the low maintenance cost indexes every month.

#2 Rich Dad Poor Dad By Robert T. Kyosaki

The eye opener for all your financial mistakes. We in the school or college, are never taught about the finance or how to manage money and what to avoid. Neither our parents are well informed about the financial planning.

This book, Rich Dad Poor Dad will help you in the following ways and I assure you that,

  • How to use your money to make money for yourself?
  • It helps you achieve freedom from money
  • It changes your whole financial point of view and mindset towards money
  • It explains why poor people only save money and rich people invest
  • Various points on the mindset of rich and poor

The key lessons I learnt from this book are,

  • Maximize assets rather than liabilities. Avoid liabilities at all costs, stay away from EMI’s, Loans, etc.
  • Show courage while taking risks and not fear, the genius with fear of risk is suppressed.
  • Lastly, the rich doesn’t work for money, they make money work for themselves.

#3 The Psyschology of Money By Morgan Housel

This is one of the fantastic books which I ever read so far and I think it is a must read for the teenagers like myself or someone just stepping into the late 20’s.

It tells you about money and business management through wonderful short stories to learn the lessons from and I think I learned pretty much so far,

  • EGO! Beware of the Ego Spending. Saving is basically Income - Ego.
  • Individual wealth is the thing you never get to see. Just get it, the fancy cars, lambo, rolex, and great suits they live in, are just part of debt & Instagram Stories & Feed.
  • Again, beware of your expectations. Happiness is Results - Expectations.

My favorite piece of advice by Morgan in the book is indeed, this one!

“Every bit of savings is like taking a point in the future that would have been owned by someone else and giving it back to yourself”

Wrapping It Up

So far you got to know which books you should read once in your lifetime. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to be an investor, it doesn’t matter if you need to be poor or rich. These books about investing help you in managing your mindset and emotions and keep your financial life on track.

Knowledge is something that stays with you in this 7 billion people world. If you want to learn, how to lead a financially free life, then this book should be right away in your library.

Remember, this is not some YouTube video flaunting you a big house, and Lamborghini’s parked outside giving you lessons to make money for free.

This is the real knowledge that you need to apply after learning and keeping patience, sticking to your plans will help you become financially free a lot earlier than you ever expected.

Hope you guys get to learn something from this post, and I will keep you updated with such /posts in the future as well. Well, sharing can be caring, so heads up and share this post with your loved ones as well.