A Super Guide To Investing Other Than Stocks For Increasing Your Wealth

Investing in stocks is risky if you don’t know what you’re doing. We all know that and can’t disagree with that statement at all. The only other option left is investing other than stocks.

Now this is really tough. What else is there is to invest? There are many simple and less risky methods to invest your money and grow your wealth over time.

Today, I will be going through each and every method out there to invest other than stocks which can help you grow your money over time for anything you planned for, either your goals, or the retirement.

Investing awareness is a most among people. Everyone should know about investing and how to make their money grow over the period of time. Saving is the common money reserving technique but it never grows your wealth unless and until you add money into it.

Are you curious now about investing? Have you been warned about it that you might lose all of your money?

Worry not.

It is not always about losing the money, it is about taking a little risk and gaining the higher returns. This is all about it. If you know what are you doing and in what exactly are you investing then you are never losing your money at all.

Let’s find a way investing into other than stocks and still earn descent returns.

Why Should I Invest?

This is the question everyone has their in mind. They already know about why they should invest since you’re reading this article.

However, some of you might not know the exact reason why you should invest, and why exactly you should risk your money, etc. Here’s a simple explanation of why you should be investing rather than keeping your money idle.

There are tons of reasons I can come with, but I will try to mention the most reasonable and logical reasons.

  • You can grow your ideal money lying around anywhere from 7% to 10%.
  • Cash savings can wear off over time
  • It helps you reach the long-term goals in your mind.
  • You can always choose the level of risk you want to put yourself in.

As you go on and on, there are many reasons out there why you should be investing your money instead of throwing them idle in bank accounts. I understand some people love cash and hold cash in savings, but this cash or money just erode over time and lose their value and they don’t even increase. It is called price inflation.


Let me give you a quick example, suppose you saved $3,000 in 2000 and you saved it till 2020. That $3000 purchasing power decreases over time.

Whatever you could buy in $3000 in 2000, the same thing will cost you $4,589 in 2020.

This is called the price inflation, therefore investing is necessary to avoid this. Of course, if you’re not willing to take any risk, your money is better off with the banks which hardly pays 2%-5% annually as interest on the amount deposited.

3 Other Ways For Investing Other Than Stocks

Is there any other way to invest other than in stocks? Yes.


1. Mutual Funds

Yes, it’s mutual funds. They aren’t stocks. Well, basically not all in all actual stocks. This is a pool of money and a type of investment where a portfolio of bonds, stocks, and other securities are involved.

A mutual fund is managed by the professional money managers and has a much lower risk than the actual direct stock investments. There is no one holding, if you’re investing in a mutual fund then you’re actually investing your money and buying a part of the portfolio’s value.

This portfolio consists of many stocks, bonds, and securities. This is all managed by the certified and professional money managers hence reducing your risk by a greater percentage. However, it is much safer than investing in stock without any knowledge.

Mutual funds are also considered as a long-term investment and they are usually done with SIPs which is short for Systematic Investment Plan. It means you will invest regularly in an organized way.

If you’re based in India, I suggest you pick PayTM Money for investing in mutual funds. It’s my opinion as I see it fit. It’s also good to check with your Banking App, usually, they too provide mutual funds as your investment option.

2. Real Estate

Yes, you read it right. Real Estate is a good investment option. You should however never consider your own house which is for self-consumption as an investment. You can buy another one and consider it as an investment safely.

The location of the property matters the most as it determines the value of your property and the amount of money it can earn you from the rentals. The real estate can provide you with returns in two ways where the first one is capital appreciation and the second one is rentals.

However, investment always has a downside and comes with a risk that depends on us to take or pass. The risk is real estate is that it is highly illiquid and secondly you need to comply with rules and regulations.

Overall, the real estate investment option is quite good and is not that risky. You can always gain good returns but you need to have patience when selling it off as it is illiquid.

3. Gold

Here we come to commodities. Well, buying gold and keeping it over time is a kind of good investment but you need to have storages for it. Many banks nowadays offer Gold coins still an alternate way to own gold is through paper gold.

This alternate paper-gold method is done via the stock exchange with gold as an underlying asset. An investor can also invest in gold with the help of Gold Mutual funds.


Overall, investing into something is a very good idea. The higher the risk is involved the better the returns you get. However, there are people who don’t want to take the maximum risks such as the risk involved in the stock markets.

Therefore, you learnt the way to invest other than stocks and still get the descent amount of returns. Hope you like the idea of investing.