One fine morning, I was greeted with the new Android 10 update on my OnePlus 7. I jumped with excitement and updated it. To my utter surprise, I cannot find the Default Wallpapers on my OnePlus 7.

I tried finding solutions online browsing through various forums including XDA and websites but nothing solved the problem. I finally after hours of research found out that a simple missing APK leads to this “Default Wallpaper not showing on OnePlus” problem.

How To Get Back The Default Wallpapers On OnePlus 6/6T/7/7T?

This method works almost for all OnePlus devices. It is however tested on OnePlus 7 since I have OnePlus 7 with me. Do let me know in the comments if you have tried and fix it on other models other than OnePlus 7.

  • Check for the default wallpaper, if it is missing then you can first restart your device and reconfirm if it is missing. Sometimes, missing wallpapers return after restarting.
  • Download OnePlus Wallpaper APK first on your device and install it.

After downloading and installing the OnePlus Wallpaper APK, you get normal functionality of Wallpaper. You will now have to install resources in order to get the default wallpapers for your device.

Download OnePlus Wallpaper Resources APK

Note: You can install any of the APK below if you need that device wallpaper on yours. For example, if you want OnePlus 8 wallpapers on your OnePlus 7 then install the OnePlus 8 Wallpaper Resources.

Once you install the resources, you will be then able to see the default wallpapers that were missing on your OnePlus device. Enjoy the default wallpapers back on your device. However, you can also use this guide to get different device model wallpaper on your device model. The OnePlus Default Wallpaper Not Showing error is now fixed.

I hope you love the article, if you really like it, pass on to your friends with OnePlus and let them know about this trick.

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