Tons of emails, facebook messages, Instagram DMs, and what not? All asking about making money with blogging or make money from WordPress blogging. Guess what, all of them are beginners and that’s great.

If you’re here reading this article, you’re one of the those beginner with similar question. I’m here finally writing this article just for you guys you from the pespective of beginners.

What’s Covered?

How To Make Money With A Blog For Beginners?


All you have to do is invest a little amount of money and get started. This money doubles itself when you move forward and grow your blog and finally into a business.

If you still didn’t got your hosting and domain then it’s a great opportunity to grab it now and get started.

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There is a step by step guide for starting a blog, check it out, if you haven’t started your blog yet.

Let’s see you have the blog ready, now how do you make money out of it? It’s easy, first let me list out the ways you can make money out of your blog easily.

Types of Blogs That Make Money

There are various types of blogs that make money. Let’s see the list of them

  1. Informational Blogs (By Advertisements)
  2. Niche Blogs (By Affiliate Marketing)
  3. Lifestyle Blogs (Advertisements + Affiliates)
  4. Food Blogs (Advertisements + Sponsored)

There are still many blogs you can make out there. Check for your interest and then decide for yourself.

You should be able to generate content people want to read and engage. The only thing is this when it comes to blogging.

This thing might look easy, but practically it isn’t.

Do You Have Proof To Show Us?

Yes, I know words aren’t enough. I am still a beginner blogger but I manage to earn more than $300-$400 in a month from blogging and various other online services.

I do provide some gigs on Fiverr and earn side income, proof reading and uploading for other bloggers out there. I also earn from my blog by monetizing it with advertisement networks like Adsense and some product affiliates from Amazon or Plugins, & Themes affiliates.

Here is the screenshot to my Affiliate reports of Hosting, I hide my beautiful stats for the month, but I was able to make around $43 this month.

Here, is my Adsense report for this blog. Hope it helps, again I am hiding my stats for not violating Google’s Policy which can lead to my account ban. Google is strict with policies. xD

Also, if you see this stats, you will know that Google Adsense literally doesn’t let you earn penny if your blog doesn’t have thousand of views in a single day.

So, you get an idea that making money blogging is pretty straight forward deal. You need more readers or visitors and traffic to your site and you can then convert them to money using the monetization techniques above.

How Do I Start? I Know Nothing!

Yes, I’ve seen many of my readers come and stuck here. They start making excuses like, I don’t have money to put into hosting or I have zero knowledge of whatever WordPress, you say!

How Do You Even Expect You About Knowing All This When You’re Not Willing To Start?

Even when I was beginner, but I was fascinated by websites or blogs. I was eager to learn about them. I never knew, it can make me money till a whole year of starting a blog.

The more you invest, the more you get.

The main concept of blogging is to provide valuable knowledge to the people looking for it. The original and unique content drives in lot of traffic no matter, how bad you’re at blogging.

I’ve clearly written step by step proper guide all in one to start and  kick start your blog. After that, you have to just open the editor and write as much as you can.

Do you think starting a blog costs a lot? No, it never did. To start a blog, you need pay a prize of pizza!

Yes, a price of pizza for your own blog.

$25 for a year of Hosting + Free Domain + SSL! Amazing deal right? Grab it.

Is It Too Late To Start A Blog In 2020?

No, it’s never too late to start anything. There’s always something, it depends on how much work you invest on something.

I have already written a post on if you should start a blog in 2020 or not.

Wrapping Up

In this post, I am sure you get an idea of blogging and its benefits to get started. If you’re still unsure about getting started or is filled with questions that is objecting you then you’re welcome to drop questions in the comment section below or personally contact me. You can find me on Social media, check the icons to your right.