Why are texts on your website so important? Doesn’t YouTube stand for the “Newest Form of Content”? No, it’s not. Read more to find out.

Other rules apply (for the time being) online. The shape of your web text determines how high you score in Google and whether visitors do what you prefer to see them do on your site. Score yourself in Google? Then view the tips below to write good web texts, so content marketing. For more information about content writing visit For more information about writing visit Cheetahpapers.

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High Score In Google Is Important

You do not write a text for anything. Visitors must be able to find your page easily and benefit from it. Did you know that 98% of internet users use search engines to find information? Just think how often you google something ‘a day’ a day. Nice and easy! And tell me honestly, do you look beyond the first page? Exactly: ‘no’! And that is precisely why online findability is so important!

How To Write A Good Content For A Website?

Writing a good SEO text is easier said than done. If you have done your utmost on a good text for your website, nobody will read it. Recognizable? Remember to write a text for your visitors. So first ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is the purpose of the page?
  2. Do I want to sell? Provide information or inspire you?
  3. Who do you write the page for?
  4. Is your target group young or are you writing for an older audience? Always pay attention to your tone of voice.
  5.  What do you hope the reader does afterwards?
  6. Book a trip, click-through or is your goal that the customer returns more often?

Determine Keywords To Create The Right Content

No sense and/or time to delve into all the tools available to find the right keywords? Use Google Suggest. It is a free and easy way to find keywords yourself. Type a term in Google and the search engine complements it with commonly used suggestions. For example, type: “On vacation.” You will immediately see the most common combinations.

Writing active and promotional content Now that you know the most important keywords, you can get started. You only write good content if you stay within your field and can share knowledge. This is easy for you to write and that produces texts that benefit the visitor. And precisely because of that they are found well.

Put The Most Important Text On Top

The online visitor does not take the time to read all the content. To write a good blog post means to make it as easy as possible for your visitor to find the right information. According to research by the Nielsen Norman Group, web pages are read in an ‘F-pattern’ by visitors. The F also stands for FAST in this. First, a user will look horizontally, which is the top line of the letter F. Then, he goes down and reads horizontally there, which is the short line of the letter F.

What does this mean for your content? Users do not read the text thoroughly. If they do this is an exception, especially if people are looking for something. It does happen, but rarely. The first 2 paragraphs must also contain the most important information.

Use Paragraphs And Subheadings

Spacers are important. For the readability and comprehensibility of your text, for the scannability of your text, for the face of your text and also for the findability of your text. Google also likes subheadings. Include the correct keywords in these headings

The Checklist For Writing Step-By-Step Text

Does the text contain a title? And are there keywords here?

- Try to put the keyword (s) in the front of the title.

Provide headers above the paragraphs and also include keywords.

- The remaining paragraphs are used to explain a topic or aspect in more detail.

- Make a paragraph no longer than a maximum of 5 lines.

Read the entire text again. Does it read easily? And is it clear which message is mentioned?

Update the text regularly. This ensures that the website is active and becomes and remains interesting for visitors.