Mail over mails, I was tired of answering people on through emails where dozen of emails are of people asking “How To Make Money With Instagram?“or “Best Instagram Blogging Tips” and so on.

I thought to give it a bit of research and add my own experience although, not being an Instagram influencer, I managed to compile this post. I mean, seriously we are going 1500 words on this. I’m sure it should be helpful for you guys, or girls. Without further ado, let’s go through this.

Let’s Start With Instagram Facts

Why the facts? If some of you are new to Instagram, then it is important to know how Instagram can be a great source of income due to the facts listed below. You will get a clear image of Instagram outreach and can have more interest in reading this post further. Earning money from Instagram can be hard enough in the early stages however, I will make it as simple as possible for you to grab everything in this post.

  • According to Statista, Instagram now has over a whopping 1 Billion Instagrammers from around the world.
  • Now over 25 Million Instagram profiles using Instagram worldwide
  • Around 51% of users access the Instagram app daily.
  • A whopping 200 Million Instagrammers actively follow a Business Profile giving you lot of exposure and revenue at the same time
  • This year, 70% of U.S based companies are going to use Instagram for Marketing Purposes

Let’s end the facts here, you get a clear idea of why Instagram can be a good platform to earn money online. The exposure to the people and companies are amazing and huge which can result in driving you lot of traffic and buyers at the same with little work here and there but that’s going to explain below one by one.

The Possibility of Making Money With Instagram

So, what is the possibility of making money by Instagram profile? Yes, that’s the question I have been receiving for long now. Many have been asking me to give away the best Instagram blogging tips.

There is a strategy involved in this, the simple trick on paper if we see, is that to generate the content which looks outstanding and then using them, we can generate the followings. This way, you also place the clear CTA (Click To Action) from the profile in the description of the post and a link in the bio of the Instagram profile.

The Click To Action Link will actually point to your affiliate links, or the online store if you own one. This is the easiest way if you see to sell your products.

To break it down, generate content —> gain views & likes —> generate followings —> increase chances of link clicks and action on your site/affiliate site.

The great following is never necessary and you shouldn’t get demotivated that you don’t have enough following and it will take a lot of time. Ever heard of microblogging with Instagram? If not then check it out. The brands usually pay enough to mention on your profile with the less following and targeted audience.

Although this is just the possibilities we discussed, actually there are 3 major ways to Earn Money With Instagram.

The 3 Major Ways To Earn Money On Instagram

  1. Becoming An Affiliate Marketer (The Easiest Way)
  2. Making yourself an Influencer (Moderately Easy)
  3. Selling your own products (Toughest One)

Becoming An Affiliate Marketer On Instagram

If you see for real, you must be already aware of Affiliate Marketers. The term “Affiliate Marketing” is a little messed up. We have people promoting products for just money without even adding value to it and mentioning about earning 6-figure income and owning Lamborghini’s.

This is absurd. I agree that some or say 1% are able to do it but 99% of the time they can’t.

Becoming an affiliate marketer on Instagram and earn money by Instagram can be a little tricky, however, if you implement the right way to do it then no one can stop you from earning money on an automated way.

Breaking down, affiliate marketing we see the steps involve in it…

Creating Engaging Content —> Gain Competetive Enagagement —> Giving Out Real Value Why Should One Buy The Product —> Use Instagram Checkout

Whenever someone purchases with the link you provided, you receive a commission. This way you earn money.

Creating an eye-catching content is never easy, but you can always try and see what works the best. You can use the exclusive short videos made professionally by the company of the product and simply help people in deciding if they should go for it. You can also create an infographic post explaining why one should use the product and increase the chances of them buying it.

Step 1: Choosing A Niche

The first step is to finalize a niche in which you’re going to promote products. You’re just going there on Instagram by placing whatever products. You should stick to one niche, like for example, sticking with Fashion niche means you can promote the clothing and relevant things to fashion from a brand and sell them with your affiliate link and in return earning a commission.

Step 2: Finding A Merchant To Affiliate With

This is the second important step. An affiliate merchant should be paying you well enough and reputable to pay you on time. There are many affiliate merchants out there and the most reputable ones are Amazon Affiliate Program, CJ Affiliates, MaxBounty and Clickbank.

Find out more top paying affiliate programs.

Here are some brands to collaborate with and huge commission on affiliates, check them out below

Adidas, Nykaa, & Ritiveda

Step 3: Finally Post About The Product And Link To It

In this step, you generate content that is either a post that is outstanding or eye-catching and then explain why one should get it. Convert those viewers into the buyers. You end up earning commission once they buy the product.

**Making Yourself An Influencer & Following Best Instagram Blogging Tips


Becoming an influencer was never an easy deal. You will need a lot of exposure and competitive engagement rates to be an influencer. If you work hard for real on this I’m sure you can be one. Go ahead, give it a read anyway.

The first thing first is that you need to stand out. There are over 1 Billion monthly users on Instagram as we discussed in facts. Let’s get into the steps needed to be an influencer.

Step 1: Define/Choose Niche

Yes, being an influencer requires choosing a niche too. You have to stick to one niche and create hype around it. It doesn’t even matter that you have 50K or just 5000 followers. All it matters is how engaging the audience is with your post and how you’re dominating the niche.

Step 2: Creating The Highest Quality Content

Yup, that looks simple right? All you have to do is capture the best moments and turn it into content. As the picture is worth 1000 words, how about I show you the examples of quality content below? Watch for it below and find out the best Instagram blogging tips.

  • Megan Gilmore with over 142.1K dominating the niche of Healthy Food. Go on and take a look at her Insta profile to get an idea of quality content she creates that is totally eye-catching.

  • Ashrod with over 104.9K followers with same niche. Check her out from great idea as well. The snaps are beautiful to look at.

  • Molly Tavoletti, another local Instagram Influencer and you can check her post promoting local Pizza shops and other such stuff with her quality Photography

Step 3: Don’t Mess With Feed

You have to keep an eye on your feed and how it makes an impression on the visitors of your profile. You have to keep consistent and eye-catching at the same time. Doing this, it increases engagement and for working with brands, all it matter is the engagement statistics. It’s not all about the followers, it’s about the skills of your content and the engagement you can make out of it.

Step 4: Stay With Schedule

I have previously discussed the best times to post on Instagram in one of my previous article on Instagram. Make sure you check it out, so you can also grab an idea of using proper hashtags from that. This is one of the Instagram blogging tips.

So, in this step all you have to do plan your postings in a week on Instagram. This way you will stay consistent and will gain more engagement over time. You can easily use tools like Planoly to plan, manage and schedule your Instagram posts.

Step 5: Don’t Let Your Followers Feel Lonely

In short, you need to engage with your followers on a regular basis to connect with them emotionally and also they should be knowing who you are before they can engage with everything you post on a daily basis.

If there is lack of such engagement then it is hard to get them converted and you’ll lose the engagement ratio as well. You can engage with your followers, asking them a question with stories or occasional posts asking for tips from them or how they like something to do.

You can also go live and answer their questions. It’s fun!

Selling Your Own Products

Remember, I marked it as the toughest one in the category but still, nothing is difficult when you work for it. I’ve gathered some valuable steps for this one too and they turn out to be helpful for many. First let’s take a look at how selling on Instagram looks like for major brands, the shoppable tags. However, we are not going to look into this as a major brand selling Jewellery and clothing are using it.

Picture From Engadget

Assuming, you’re a small business therefore, we will be using LINK IN BIO method to increase the chances of turning people from Instagram towards your site for purchases.

Step 1: Switch To Business Profile

Switching to a business profile gives you an idea and peek at your profile insights. For example, take a look below. This gives you an idea about your followers and engagement countries so you can target people properly and is a practice of best Instagram blogging tips.


Step 2: Post Eye-Catching Product Pictures And Promote

Now, the second step is all about posting regularly with great taglines and discounts for luring people towards your shopping site. You can offer Black Friday Sales and or huge discounts if coming from Instagram or similar tactics.

You can put your shopping site in the bio, and get traffic from Instagram. After that, it depends on the site design and factors that might help the viewer convert to a buyer.


That’s all for today, hope you enjoyed learning to make money with Instagram. I hope this article has taught you things you didn’t know earlier. It’s pretty easy to do the this but requires consistent efforts from your side. Wishing you success ahead, and any opinions or doubts are most welcome in the post comment section below.

If you’re not into making a blog on Instagram, then check out to start a blog using WordPress.