In the morning, my phone beeped. I picked it up and saw I got a mail and it was from Matt. I was surprised, I quickly opened it up and check out that he wanted me to have a look at their amazing plugin they just made. 

I was excited, I thought why not give it a try. I myself till this plugin was creating boxes using Elementor for promoting products on my site from Amazon. All done manually from Image links to affiliate links via the Stripe features.

I replied to the Matt email asking him for access to their plugin and I would love to review Amalinks Pro without hesitation as I never came to know the easy way to showcase products on website especially from Amazon.

Next day, he gave me access and here I am reviewing the Amalinks Pro plugin solely based on my opinion. According to me, I am really new to affiliate marketing niche sites. If you also happen to be a beginner or looking to start an affiliate marketing niche site and plan to take products from Amazon then you might relate to this article.

Before starting, here’s my quick score for the plugin.

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My Detailed Review of Amalinks Pro

What is Amalinks Pro at first place? Well, it is a premium plugin which solves the major problem of all the hassles required in making an Amazon Affiliate Site for earning money. 

In short, you can say this plugin helps in boosting your earnings from the Amazon Associates Program.

Do you know? There are so many hassles to make an Amazon Affiliate Site based on any niche. 

For example:

  1. You need to make tables yourself for Amazon Products and link them with your affiliate link
  2. There’s no easy way to link products, you have to open up Amazon site then use Stripe option to create links and images.
  3. You cannot showcase reviews and products with description directly from Amazon. If you want to do, then all should be done manually making it a very time-consuming.

Guess What?

Amalinks Pro just solve all those problems above.

What Are The Pros & Cons of The Plugin?


  • Works even with No Product Advertising API
  • Easy To Configure
  • Light Weight
  • Features Beautiful Product Showcase For High CTR
  • Comes with Drag-n-Drop Comparison Table Builder
  • Provides Google Analytics Event Tracking
  • Supports Shortcodes For Product Showcase


  • If you’re fan of Gutenburg Editor then you need to ditch it for a classic editor.

How cool is that? Well to surprise you, it is created in just few clicks. Just clicks! That’s how good is Amalinks Pro!

Nevermind the money spent on it, you’re never going to regret it because you’ll earn it all back via the sales you’ll generate after using this plugin. The best thing is that Amalinks Pro has reduced its prices for over flat $100 OFF for Black Friday.

How Can I Know If It’s Best For Me?

Good question. 

You can know it if you’re really willing to start an Affiliate site. Let’s say, I want to start a smartphones and gadgets review site. 

I can use this plugin to create the effective and converting product showcase boxes without hassles and without leaving the site.

Doesn’t believe me? Checkout the existing post I made using Amalinks Pro.

Get Amalinks Pro Now

Amalinks Pro helps in,

  • Linking to the product easier by just searching the product by clicking on Amalinks Pro Button on Editor itself.
  • Make amazing and converting product showcase boxes
  • Create CTA Buttons easily for better CTR
  • Everything added using Amalinks Pro is super good looking and doesn’t look like any sort of spammy
  • It helps in changing products easily with customizing shortcodes in which you can change ASIN and you’re good to go

Maybe it is expensive to an extent, but when compared to the number of features it packs it is hard to tell that is expensive.

No wonder, Amalinks Pro is a plugin which is helping us save a lot of time and give this time to create more posts for the users and that too appealing one with Product Showcases and Table Builder.

Therefore, the return on investment is high here. You are likely to make few sales and cover-up this cost just like a pro.


Call-To-Action Buttons

Everybody wants to make a sale. Therefore, Amalinks Pro makes sure that you do by increasing the chances of getting sales via their Call-To-Action button. This buttons actually remind people to click and buy at their ease without scrolling much. 

You never need to visit Amazon website to do your search and get a link then hyperlink back in the post. This is time-consuming. With Amalinks Pro, you can just select the text and click the Amalinks Pro button on the dashboard to search and hyperlink the product with your affiliate link directly without leaving the post you’re writing.

Image take away the eyes of the readers. No wonder why the phrase “Image worth 1000 words” is popular. Amalinks Pro have this feature which fetches pictures o the products directly from Amazon and let you select the most appealing one for higher CTR.

]([Get Amalinks Pro Now](

New To Amazon Associates?

Are you new to Amazon Associates? Do you know, Amalinks Pro works without API. You can still create links with just a couple clicks of the mouse and easily complete your first 3 sales to get API access then you’re free to use Amalinks Pro with API as well.