Learn, Understand Digital Marketing For Free

Imagine this situation:  you have just started your own jewelry business and you are excited because jewelry is your passion.  

You think, “I have no funds, how do I market my business?” Desperate, you ask your friends and they mention something called ‘Digital Marketing.’  

After your curiosity peaks and you spend many hours researching digital marketing online, you learn that it (digital marketing) is the way companies market their products in the digital era.  But since you have no money and know nothing about digital marketing, you think, “How can I learn digital marketing free? This article will answer your question!

Online Is where It’s At?

Indeed, some online digital marketing courses are free.  Good examples are:

  1. Google Online Marketing Challenge - these modules provide a comprehensive introduction of digital marketing.  It teaches search engine marketing, search advertising, display advertising, mobile and social media advertising, analytics, and video advertising.
  2. Wordstream’s PPC University - its classes and resources will teach you about Pay-per-click (PPC) and digital marketing.  This is reinforced by webinars and white papers.  If you are on-the-go, you will be pleased to hear that these classes and resources are responsive.
  3. Social Media quickstarter digital marketing course - this course teaches ways to integrate email with social media to make both marketing channels more powerful and impactful.

The Internet contains many other free digital marketing course online!

Many digital marketing courses are free online, but some of the best online digital marketing courses have a nominal fee.  Good examples include:

Sometimes you have to pay to play:

  1. Hootsuite Academy - The basic courses are free, but if you want more in-depth knowledge, you will have to pay!  Its social media ROI, Hootsuite for healthcare training, and value analysis training are accessible for a nominal fee.  
  2. Udemy - Its digital marketing masterclass contains 23 digital marketing courses covering topics ranging from social media to email marketing.  Better still is that it will teach you how to use digital marketing strategies, improve your brand identity, increase conversions and other topics.
  3. Skillshare - Many of its courses are free, but its enhanced classes come at a price.  These courses will teach you how to do digital advertising, social media, content marketing and much more!

Sometimes Outsourcing Is Better

Since you are still in the learning phase in regards to digital marketing and its strategies and techniques, it may be better for you to outsource some of your harder digital marketing tasks to an experienced digital marketing company.

You are in luck because digital marketing companies which offer the best digital marketing services available are online, especially in Gurgaon.  Gurgaon which is in India is one of the best places to look for digital marketing and its associated services because of its low-cost workforce which is capable of producing high quality work!

Two of the services you can expect from digital marketing companies are:

Digital strategy - this includes

  1. Search engine optimization - this is the art of ensuring that your website ranks highly in organic digital marketing services.  It requires thorough knowledge of your industry (the jewelry industry in this case) to help you craft the SEO strategy which will sell your goods!
  2. Social Media Optimization - also called SMO, a good digital marketing company has a team whose expertise lies in this area.  They will use social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter (among others) to create and promote your brand to the global audience!

Go East Young Man!

That phrase is a slight adaptation for a famous phrase the American pioneers used to use when settling the American West, “Go West young man!”  This phrase is an allusion to India ,and especially to Gurgaon.  Some of the best digital marketing companies in the world are located there.  One digital marketing company in Gurgaon to use is DigiExcel because of its teams’ superior knowledge of and skills in digital marketing!

Now Even You Can Do It

If your mission is digital marketing learn to better promote your budding jewelry industry online, you can do it!  You have more insights as to how to do this after having read this article!