Pardon my interruption, hope you read the heading before clicking. I hope you get an idea that this post is purely on “How to start a blog in India”.

I included No B.S, because I cut all the B.S. and it’s a straight guide to getting started with a blog. I actually teach you to start a blog right away without any distracting content. 

I saw several posts online with a title as same as mine but teaching you all the things which you should decide before even coming to this post.

However, if you happen to land here without knowing if you’re a good fit to blogging or is it your cup of tea then I recommend you to go through this articles and decide it for yourself.

Once decided, come back to this guide and follow it carefully to get your blog up and working within 2-3 hours of your time. I assure you that. Also, this guide is going to be “Noob Friendly”.

Note Blogging requires a lot of efforts. However, you never know until you start. If you feel like you can do it then it’s better to start and check although there is much lower investments in blogging but if successful you can get huge returns from those little investments you’re thinking of spending right now. × Dismiss alert

Things You Need To Know Before Starting A Blog In India

As said, this is going to be a pretty neat guide. There will be no distractions at all. I’ll clear one thing out before proceeding with this guide. I picked up the easiest thing for you to keep all the hassles aside and to get started without any worries.

There are lot of bloggers out there with lot of opinions about hosting and buying domains. There will be tons of bloggers recommending you out variety of hosting providers to go with. 

Now, everyone has their own taste and I agree many bloggers prefer the best when it comes to hosting. I will be teaching you how to start blogging in India in the easiest way possible.

As of now, you’re a beginner you’ll have to find something more reliable and also it has to be not so pricey. Being in India, spending in dollars were never my option and neither yours especially when you’re a beginner and also a student looking to blogging in India.

If you’re not one of the beginner and looking for a very reliable hosting provider then without hesitation from my side, it is BlueHost. I totally recommend this hosting, if your blog/website is totally business to you and you rely on it for half or full of your income.

In this guide, I’ll be using my own hosting that is this website is currently hosted on. Read further to know why I’m recommending it.

Choosing Your Hosting Server

Well, the typical replies might be whoa, it is the best out there and all such selling intent. To be honest with you as much I can, I will elaborate on it. I’m not here to sell you hosting, I am here to teach you to start a blog and it should be working smoothly and hence in the process you need a good hosting. 

Hostinger is a good option for starting out and I know that because I’m using them. Don’t believe me? Checkout yourself.

Here’s why it is a good option,

  1. Very User Friendly. Managing hosting, and learning new terms in hosting is little bit of tougher side. However, the Hostinger Panel is very user friendly and I can say that after being with a lot of other Hosting providers.
  2. They are premium and in market for over 15 years now. Their support has always been helpful to me even in migrating my site for free. It’s better to fall for them at same price, you’ll be paying to some Indian based companies, reselling hosting with terrible hosting that goes down at least 3-4 times a week.
  3. Their Speed & Performance is also far better than many hosting provider. Although not top notch but it’s more than fair. I love their custom developed Control Panel, hPanel.
  4. Get their support live chat within 2 minutes. All I do is ping them whenever I want and they are there.

Hope you now understand why I am choosing Hostinger! If you want answer in short, then I’m going for it because it is easy to use and can help you getting your site live in under 2-3 hours apart from this they are premium and reliable.

How To Start A Blog In India?

Let’s get this straight forward now. It’s time to get your own website/blog today. Get yourself a cup of coffee and follow this guide. At the end of article, my aim is that you should be having a WordPress blog that is ready to be designed your way and start blogging.

Get A Domain Name & Hosting

This is very beginning of creating a website or blog. All of us hesitate while doing this very beginning step that is to start a blog in India.

If you’re serious about blogging or creating a website all by yourself and learning it then you shouldn’t be hesitating by now.

Creating a good looking website needs a lot of work. I spend weeks and weeks creating websites and blogs purely with WordPress and I enjoy doing it.

You’ll be amazed at yourself after making one for yourself by spending some small amount of money. Here’s the estimation of the whatever the headline says, just in case!

Normally, Domain + Hosting costs you ₹2900 per year!

With My Discount Links, you get crazy cheap deal!

Basic Plan Costs You:

Domain (1 Year Free) + Hosting Single (4 Years) =  ₹2350

Premium Plan Costs You (Recommended + I Use This)

Domain (1 Year) + Hosting Unlimited Sites (4 Years) = ₹6,192

After 1 year, you have to pay for domain only that is ₹489/year.

*Hostinger premium plan renews at ₹358/mo after 4 years! You can host unlimited websites on this plan. An amazing deal.

Hope you bought the domain and hosting. After buying both of them, we need to move to another step forward.

As in this guide, we will be installing WordPress using Hostinger and you’ll be able to start a blog in India.

Step 1: Logging Into Your Hosting Account

  • Login To Hostinger Dashboard With Your Username & Password
  • After you logged in, you’ll be able to see the Greeting Message shown below.

  • Now you can see your hosting along with your domain name. Also at the bottom it shows the expiry date as well. Let’s move on to another step.

Step 2: Checking Out Hosting Panel

  • Click on “Manage” to manage your hosting and after clicking you’ll be able to see this page shown below.

  • You’re now in Hosting section. You’ll be able to see the details of your hosting server on the left panel.
  • As I have already installed WordPress therefore, it is showing me WordPress in “Installed” section. Let’s move to another step to see what’s next!

Step 3: Using 1-Click Auto Installer To Install WordPress

  • Scroll down a little bit and you’ll be able to find “Websites” section as show in the picture below

  • You can now spot “Auto Installer” as well in that section.
  • Click on it to open Auto Installer which will help us install WordPress easily without any hassles and codes.
  • It is also known as 1-click installer for other hosts as we are using Hostinger, it is called Auto Installer.
  • Let’s move on to another step to use Auto Installer and Install WordPress successfully.

Step 4: Installing WordPress On Your Domain

OMG! Are you enjoying? Excited for your new site? Let’s do it, we aren’t that far!

  • Put your focus on “Most Popular” section.
  • You can see “WordPress” in the section. Yes, you’ve a popular choice. xD
  • Click on WordPress to Install WordPress.
  • Let’s see what happens next in another step!

Step 5: Configuring WordPress Details To Install

Finally, It’s time. We are officially installing WordPress!

  • That’s it. We are almost installing WordPress and baking your first site.
  • Choose the domain.
  • You don’t need to use Custom URL as you will be installing WordPress right on the Domain.
  • However, if you prefer WordPress on custom URL like for example, then you can use custom URL and type in /blog.
  • The WordPress will install on /blog only. In most cases, you’ll install it in right on Domain i.e,

Step 6: Testing Your Website

Now in this step, follow the instruction as I give. As of writing this blog post I already have WordPress installed so I can’t provide you with more screenshots from here. Bear with me! xD!

Fill the below details as asked and you’re done.

  • After selecting domain, you’ll be able to select the language for WordPress. They have plenty of languages at the moment and you can select your language
  • Admin Username: This will be your WordPress username to login into WordPress Dashboard later. Note this down.
  • Admin Password: This will be your WordPress password to login into WordPress Dashboard later. Note this down as well.
  • Admin Email: Put your Email you have access to. Most probably it is your Gmail. You’ll get notified of WordPress activities via this email including password resets.
  • Website Title: This is your website title. Ninja Pokemons, maybe? Kidding, put in your website title usually your domain name itself.
  • Website Tagline: Do you have tagline for your site? If yes, put it here.
  •  That’s all. Press Install and WordPress will be installed on your root domain.

Your Blog Is Ready, Start Blogging.

After putting in all the details, and now you’ll get a succeess message that WordPress is installed on your root domain!

So, Congratulation. Project WordPress is completed! Let’s try getting into this project with our login details, I told you to note down in previous step.

  • Launch Google Chrome, Safari or whatever browser you’re using.
  • In the address bar, put in your domain i.e, followed by “wp-admin” i.e,
  • Once, you press enter. You’ll be greeted to this page shown below where you’re going to enter the username and password you saved in Step 6.

  • After entering your username and password, you’ll be in the WordPress Dashboard.
  • Ohh! I forgot to mention, your website is now live. 
  • You have now a little more step to get themes and plugins to make your site your way!

Learn More About WordPress

Here are beginner guides to get started with WordPress:

Now, you will have to fill in your website with content and install necessary plugins and theme you like. Check out 9 WordPress Plugins You Should Get Right Away.

Start Blogging In India And Get Paid

I understand that you might have started blogging with intention of money and that’s totally fine. The main thing of starting a business is “Making Money”. I wanted to give you a slight piece of advice on it, and some few things you can do before applying for monetization at Adsense. You will be able to get it by Googling as WordPress is pretty easy.

  • Setup analytics and search console for your blog. 
  • Create all necessary pages, About, Contact, Privacy Policy, etc.
  • Create good and helpful posts.

Apply for Adsense. You’ll be accepted within 24 hours if you follow their policy.    You can check out Amazon for starting Affiliate Marketing right away. If your site is all about reviews and you love writing reviews then Amazon Affiliate Marketing is a good go for you.

Closing Things Up!

My aim here in this article was to get you started. If you already started with this blog post then you’re in. You’ll learn things up yourself and you’ll start to self teach yourself about blogging but the thing is You Need To Get Started.

You need to learn the basics yourself. You teach yourself at the moment you get stuck with something. Google It & Fix It.

You don’t fail starting the site, you learn & learn and get better. You didn’t loose money, the money you paid taught you things you can do now.

Stop procastinating searching for keywords, niches, and profitable business ideas and all this stuff. Just pick the niche you’re most interested in. The niche in which you can write blog posts amazingly well while enjoying it.

Stick to it, work on it for months! You’ll reach finally to that point which is your dream.