It’s not rocket science that blogging can only be done with websites. You can be a blogger on Instagram as well. In this article, we are going to learn easy ways to do blogging on Instagram.

You might have already heard about the greatest influencers, fashion models and plenty of other people sharing a lot of creative images on Instagram for their followers.

What do you think they are?

In some ways, there are considered as bloggers. Like all other bloggers with the website, they do the same thing that is making content, sharing it & marketing it.

In either way, they have people in the form of followers who regularly get engage with their posts.

Starting a blog on Instagram falls under the category of Micro-Blogging.

What is Micro-blogging?

Micro-blogging is a form of medium for sharing short sentences, links and individual images on the Social media platform. Here, in this case, it’s Instagram.

Micro-blogging has its own perks, to be honest, a lot of perks when compared to a normal blogger who blogs with a website.

Come on, writing a hefty 1000+ articles and taking care of SEO, Google and plenty other things like Backlinks is a real pain in the ass and microbloggers have a clear advantage and none of this an issue for them.

Most importantly, the whole process of buying a domain, starting a blog from scratch by hosting it on a web server.

NADA! (Nothing)

How Blogging With Instagram Works?

It’s simple but still, let me explain it to you in detail or else this article is of no use to you.

You’ve higher chances that you’ve been doing microblogging with Instagram by now already. Anyway, I’m going to list down the things you should pin down to do blogging with Instagram the right way and win the audience.

Don’t panic. It’s pretty straightforward and no hectic work except you’ve to be creative with what you do.

If you’re into fashion blogging then Instagram is the best way to blog. Create a fashion blog on Instagram and you’ll have plenty of things to share and target audience perfectly.

How To Blog With Instagram?

Chin up ladies & gentlemen! Here is the secret to blog with Instagram and reach thousands of people without putting in many efforts.

Here are the Instagram tips for microblogging or read it as Blogging vs Instagram.

Step 1: Picking Up A Niche

“Do what you love” comes into play here. There are thousands of niche to choose from and certainly you’re not limited while selecting a niche.

Select the niche you’re most familiar and good to go with. It is always better to do this than to sit down and research on a whole new niche and making mistakes and learning from them.

Step 2: Get An Instagram Account

All you have to do here is go to the Instagram application on your smartphone and make an Instagram account for yourself.

Think for yourself an amazing username and fill out the bio. You can use this username generator and get yourself good looking bio ideas as well.

Step 3: Tips For Microblogging On Instagram

Winning people on Instagram can be a bit tricky. Audiences on Instagram are most likely to engage with your content only when they have feelings, that they relate to you or know you personally.

If you’re just starting out then you’ve to be keeping some patience and start following these tips right away to gain an audience on your Instagram profile.

  • Have a plan for sharing something relevant and important. It should be most likely helpful for the audience so they can engage with your posts.
  • Graphical Tips makes better content. There are amazing pages on Instagram that does this. A plain text but all it does is relate with the audience and they have huge fan base.
  • Teach people something from your Instagram Post. They are most likely to spread it if they like hence giving you an opportunity to grow. Example, Showing them Make A Recipe, Mix A Drink and then targeting audience with right hashtags as well.
  • Encourage comments and shares in a post so people can engage well with your posts. Ask people about captions in your description or ask them questions related to the post. Instagram pushes the post to the top which have more number of comments & likes.
  • Show them your backstage and they love it because it is something more personal and engaging. People get related to you. Show them something unedited as all people today tends to believe that everything on social media is edited. Make them feel real about you.
  • Last but not least, Organize A Contest. Do something unique with the content and let your followers post something with contest-related hashtags to chose the winner and award them.

How To Make More Engaging Posts To Post On Instagram And Create A Huge Following By Microblogging?

  • Make it local first. Tag your location and it can generate good impression to the first time visitors to your profile as they would like to know what they are seeing and where it is actually from the world. That’s what Instagram is all about.
  • Use Hashtags effectively. Research the hashtags in your niche and collect them. Use them while posting content on Instagram. It helps you post to get viewed in the search result along with the other posts using the same hashtags. It can be exposed to a larger audience.

Wrapping It Up!

You just learnt how to do blogging with Instagram. You’ll learn more nitty and gritty stuff later as you get started. The key to blogging is to first get started. If you’re not a fan of blogging on Instagram or microblogging then you can start your own hosted blog on your own domain name just like this blog.