Are you committed to start your own business of dropshipping? I know where exactly you’ll stuck while planning for making a brand new E-Commerce website. Yes, that’s it. 

Finding Suppliers For Your Brand New E-Commerce Dropshipping Site.

You will be almost done by planning everything but stuck at choosing Dropshipping website based in India.

I know people who do dropshipping in India is all targeting group of people from either United States, UK and Canada with their site filled with products from Ali Baba, Oberlo, China Brands, etc.

In this post, we are not going to talk about them as you’re going to target people living in India and those suppliers for dropshipping in India is no chance.


  • Product getting delivered to India takes about 15 days to a month. Nowadays, who waits that much for their products to reach. Let aside pre-ordering an iPhone 11 Pro Max! 
  • There is sometime custom charged on the product when it arrives in India at port. This has to be paid by customer. You’ll most likely lose that customer.

So, we will use Indian Based Dropshipping Websites to sign up for their plans and start drop shipping with them as they are local and delivers throughout India. 

Don’t get confused. Targeting India don’t give out profits are said by someone who can’t target people effectively using Facebook Ads.

Neil Patel covers the beginner guide to run Facebook ads that converts in just simple 7 steps! He covers everything in that article. Generating leads, Targeting on basis on users interest and much more. 

Indian Dropshipping Websites With Their Fee

Before getting started, I wanted to know you that these websites sell their plans for a minimal fee. While starting, you can try out their lowest plan and then scale accordingly.

The only thing why they charge is that, they do hard work in maintaining the inventory and shipping out the product via your brand name. Also, maintain only the products that are hot and trending so that you can sell easily for your own profit and theirs as well.

If you’re serious about starting out the dropshipping website, then I highly suggest to chose from these three companies. I tried all of them and they are definitely trusted and there are no signs of scams. They are registered as resellers in India. You can check out their websites for more information.

Snazzy Way

Being in India, people are way to skeptical about starting this business most likely because of “What Society Will Think?"

Hence, not way too competition here and if you’re the one who believes “FSociety” then this is for you. You can rock it due to much advantages offered by this Dropshipping Website and lower competition. Also, targeting will be lesser as you will targeting female audiences.

  • Professional Customer Service | Pre Sale & After Sale
  • Easy Returns Despite of Their Strict Quality Control Procedures
  • Cheapest Wholesale Factory
  • One Time Fee For All Plans
  • Discreet Pakaging
  • All Promotional Material For Your Website
  • Top Brands - Click Here To See.

However, the basic plan starts from Rs 2,500 and the highest plan is for Rs 50,000.

You can get started in just Rs 2,500 and can upgrade anytime to other plans. They ship it for you at flat price and within a day. In basic plan, you get a margin of 18% and the highest plan offers you a margin of 50%.

If you’re looking for making your own brand then you need to sign up for their Highest White Label plan to ship products with 50% margin under your brand name.

They are based in India and ships throughout India and with the lowest shipping time that is same day of order.


The Best Hosting For E-Commerce Website

]([If you have chosen your Hosting Provider without asking someone who are experienced in it then it might not be good. I highly recommend you to go with Hosting that never goes down. Check out this amazing Business Hosting by Blue Host. Get 50% Discount]( BaapStore

As their name indicates, they are the baap of Dropshipping websites in India. The reasons they are second in the list is because of their higher one time fee.

They have 3 packages for Drop Shipping namely, Bronze, Gold & Diamond.

Although, they claim one-time fee first and then renews it every year now before it was few months.

The higher price is because their inventory is way huge and they ship out products at the wholesale B2B prices with verified shipping partners like FedEx, Aramex, Speed Post, Delhivery, etc. Apart from this, here’s what they offer

  • Marketing Tools Worth Rs 15,000
  • Whitelabel Solution (Their Products + Your Brand)
  • Brand Name Printing On Products
  • Unlimited Premium Banner Images

Coming to prices, they offer the Bronze plan at Rs 17,495 as one-time fee which renews yearly at Rs 8,000. The Gold starts at Rs 35,988 as one-time fee which renews annually as well at Rs 15,000.

However, in Gold & Diamond plans you get E-commerce website to get started as well.


Bafulia enables and facilitates Indian retailers to source from China-based dropship wholesalers and manufacturers efficiently and effectively.

They have Simple and Flexible Pricing with Started plan for free while professional and premium plans at Rs 1999 and Rs 2999.

  • Market API Integration
  • Sales Report
  • Product Exclusiveness
  • Faster Shipping
  • Over 1 Lakh Products In Catalogue

They also provide Shipment Transparency. The shipment status for the order is 100% trackable which for Chinese Dropshipping doesn’t allows you to.

They have different and unique products to get started with. You can also go for them if you’re tight on budget.

Closing Up

If you’re serious enough about Dropshipping then you can easily select Baap Store from the list. However, if you’re starting out just as a side job then you can go for cheaper plans offered by Snazzy Way & Bafulia.

Don’t forget to go for a good business hosting. Your business can’t go down even for a little time. Make sure you chose Blue Host for setting up your E-Commerce site. You can get 50% off for signing up using my link!

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