Wrong? What wrong? I’m perfecto with WordPress and my website is still slow. Now don’t tell me that this is a big deal!

Well, believe it or not but it is indeed a big deal. Today in this post, we are going to cover few things you are doing all wrong with WordPress.

We will start right away with simple yet effective things which can optimize your WordPress site to greater extent.

Getting Just Started, Still Go For Better Hosting

Trust me or not. Just getting started is an excuse. Every start out when they are serious enough of what they are doing. 

If you planned on making yourself a website or blog then consider it as something serious and then invest your time and money in it. 

I’ve seen plenty of people getting started out with no niche to write on, poor hosting & lack of learning ability and then complains that blogging or managing a website was never their game and tell other people the same.

In blogging, you have to be consistent with what you’re doing. It should be planned like how all businesses are. It is just like a business, the more you invest into it, the better results you get.

My whole point here is invest into proper Hosting at the first point itself, trust me you don’t have to worry about scaling sites and hosting problem which leads to migration of sites resulting in your loss if your site turns out to be more than what you expected.

I have recommendation for it as well, currently I’m using two hosting providers for different sites and I’m super happy with what they have to offer.

You can check out my Bluehost Review or grab Hostinger at introductory prices right now.

Why Hosting Is A Big Deal?

Going with cheap hosting and then I will change to better hosting when my site grows. That’s bullshit to be honest. 

The plain truth is “Migrating Site Will Be Pain In The Ass”. Do you see that coming? Even the trusted and the leading Hosting provider Bluehost doesn’t provide migration for free. 

Migrating a larger site on a cheap hosting, that’s highly impossible if possible it will ruin everything.  The another thing is this little badass cheap hosting provider or to be honest resellers don’t care. The limitations they have on place for your current hosted site will be super slow to make clone of your site and then migrate it to another hosting.

Treating WordPress Like It Heals Itself

This is a myth that WordPress don’t need optimization and you just keep on filling content, installing tons of plugins, and then wanting a perfect score in GTMetrix.

Huh, Really?

As you use WordPress, do usual stuff like posting and using plugins for little things. It makes databases larger in size and suck in up all the resources, fetch in all the URLs, and do all redirections.

Surprisingly, it all does it when the site is getting loaded and you want it to score perfectly on GTMetrix.

Again, the real point here is Optimize your WordPress site.

  • Make use of light weight themes like Astra, Genesis Framework, etc.
  • Install plugins which are necessary, don’t just install it for simple things. At the least, maintain plugins up to 20.
  • Use Caching Plugins like WPRocket, WP Fastest Cache, etc to optimize HTML/JS/CSS and do caching the right way.
  • Make use of optimized images and use Lazy Load.

This is all just basic. If you’re real serious about the problem of speed then you should picture this issue in a more advanced way.

Matthew Woodward explains this issue and also list out amazing 6 Free Ways To Increase Website Speed which will not only speed up your site but give you out boost in search traffic and obviously better ranking position as Google loves Speed and they say that speed is money.

Ignoring Backups Like Updates For Microsoft Windows

Yes, the title says it all and I mean it. You definitely need to read this out if you’re an lazy ass and miss backups like updates for Windows on your PC.

Remember the point 1? Why I said invest into better hosting?

They provide backups which might be for daily basis or weekly. But leave all this aside, focus on real backup from your side.

I know hosting providers provide backup but still you need to keep backups to yourself as well.

Trust no one more than yourself.

Emad Iqbal Tweet

The point here is, backup your site weekly or put it on schedule if you’re so lazy to manually remember and trigger the backup button.

You can make use of wonderful plugins like UpdraftPlus - A WordPress Backup Plugin.

This plugin have features of scheduling the backups to either locally or to the cloud. Impressive. 

Now what’s up with backups, man?

In this wonderful modern era of cyber criminals and companies which you can’t fully trust on. What can go wrong?

Your site may get hacked and you end up paying ransom for data you didn’t backup just because you was lazy ass or the worst can be the server crash and your data wiped like tears in the ocean.

Ignoring WordPress Updates Like Windows Again

You should not ignore updates for WordPress. The minor updates however are installed automatically but the major update aren’t.

WordPress release updates only when they found something and patch them, fix them and increase the stability for smooth experience. All for you.

And all you do is ignore it. 

Not only WordPress updates but all updates like Third Party Plugins updates and Theme Updates all are essential for smoother and secure experience. 

Never miss out an update and update WordPress like you love doing from Android Oreo To Pie and then to Q or say 10.

Using Nulled Plugins

You might be proud of yourself kid for pirating things using torrent. You might be genius!

That’s never right with anything either say Movies or Plugins. It’s illegal at first place then secondly you’re messing with developers hard work then thirdly you knock down yourself.

Pirated things are always bad because the one who do the illegal stuff have never a good intention. 

Obviously, they will install codes you will never know about within the plugins and themes. 

Such codes inside nulled plugins can,

  • Give access to your site to potential hackers
  • Get backlinks from your site without you knowing
  • Steal data of your readers or users and even visitors
  • Redirect your site to a spam site or a porn site.

Also, you never get updates to that plugin at time. Still want to risk your site like this? 

You might have to think about it. Your hard work can collapse in seconds.

That’s all for today. If you think I helped you out, feel free to put in some love in the comment section below or at least share it.