I’ve been blogging since I was 15 years old. When I compare my 15 year old with a 19 year old, I do find many changes in mind for sure. But the thing I lost which is pretty important was simplicity while thinking and simply avoiding overthinking.

When I started blogging for the first time, I was excited and I never cared about too many things yet I landed ranking at #2 or #3 position on Google for about 2-3 keywords.


Because I wasn’t flooded by lot of information. All I knew was write a damn post and publish it. I never cared about Google Ranking Factors and Keyword Popularity. Keyword this or that! Nothing at all.

I’m not telling you to leave ranking factors aside and publish whatever you want but I want you to understand that don’t overthink and grab everything from everywhere about the term “SEO” in your mind. It blocks your mind and flood you with lot of useless terms and jargons which stops you from writing and publishing the best content you can.

What To Expect In This Post?

The SEO is very simple and was never complicated enough to let you never rank. If you couldn’t rank then it simply means, you’re doing it all wrong. You never understood the term SEO at the first place.

SEO in my dictionary simply refers to an optimization technique for Search Engines.

As simple as that, I will tell you from now onwards being a beginner at blogging leave everything you have learnt aside and get this Simple SEO Tricks in your mind and see the magic yourself.

Don’t worry I was also a victim of this and I’m happy that I found out early about it. I hope you’ll get a great benefit out of this post as well. Let’s start with the simple SEO tips for you right away.

Simple SEO Tricks You Overlook As A Blogger

#1 Writing A Post On XYZ & Then Jumping To ABC

Yes, you read it right. I myself being a blogger, I love reading people blog posts as well and check out how they craft it and how they deliver the information to the people as promised in the title.

I was surprised when I came to beginners bloggers post which they share on the groups on various Facebook Bloggers group. One thing I noticed which was common in all such posts by them is “They Don’t Stick To What They Are Trying To Deliver”. Period.

This way they lost relevancy all the way! All the efforts they put in it is lost in the deep ocean. Not only people are confused but Google too. Hence, it will never rank as it is not relevant to people searching “Keywords” intent.

Let me give you a quick example to understand this simple mistake,

Let’s see what my title says “Simple SEO Tricks Small Bloggers Overlook” right?

What Am I Suppose To Deliver is “The Tricks And Tips For Simple SEO That Bloggers Overlook”

What I Am Delivering: “Some Weird Ranking Factors And SEO Along With Keywords Tips All In One Making It A Mix Fruit Juice”

Do you see that? If I was doing whatever I said above in this blog post then you might have already bounced from this blog post because you’re either confused or you was not expecting this when you clicked on the link.

So the simple SEO tip here is to Try to stay on the one topic and don’t go here and there in between. It proves the relevancy to the readers and Google as well. This way you’ll automatically rank better on the keywords you’re focusing as they are relevant to what people are searching for.

#2 Writing A Blog Post & Going Way Too Advanced

This is another mistake which budding bloggers make. Yes, I understand you choose the niche of your blog according to what you know and can help others with it. It’s not necessary that you should go all the way deeper in to it right away.

Let’s check an example for this as well, assuming “I want to learn to install Windows” right away.

The bloggers who know how to install windows should be writing full informational and tutorial guide on this topic. Like for instance,

  1. Download Windows (Write Full How-To Guide On This)
  2. Burn Windows Into A Disc (Write Full How-To Guide On This)
  3. Boot Windows From Disc (Show Whole Procedure of This)
  4. Follow On Screen Instruction To Install
  5. Conclusion

Well, this is the complete article and is most likely to be accurate for the readers looking to install windows.

While some bloggers go too advanced, like

  1. Download Windows Using The Link Below
  2. Put it in disc
  3. Boot Windows from disc in the bios
  4. Follow Instruction on-screen
  5. Boom, Windows Installed.

Well, why would anyone search for How To Install Windows to get such blog post which is mere steps or say outlines of How To Install Windows.

The searcher or reader looking for installing Windows is looking for each and every step because he don’t know how to do it. Hence, a whole informational article is what users are looking for.

You just can’t tell them steps to do and they will do on their own. That’s not what they are looking for.

The simple SEO tip here is “Write Good And Informational Posts Which Contains Everything One Is Looking For”. When you write such posts, it’s no rocket science here that it will more than 1000 words. Readers & Google loves it hence, giving you boost in ranking.

#3 Doing Keyword Research Extensively For Each Article

There is no need of spending hours on Keyword Research before writing a post. From keyword research, you should only be checking several factors and then try to implement keywords in to the posts strategically around the posts.

Keyword Stuffing is long gone. If you do it, you get penalised for sure.

Use some of the tools like Ahrefs, SemRush, & Google Keyword Planner to check out for the following. I personally use UberSuggest By Neil Patel.

  • Keyword Search Volume
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • 2-3 Related Keywords & Long Tail Keywords For Placing Them Inside The Post

You can also search those keywords and check out the content on top ranking articles and try to add more value than what the top ranking articles are offering.

This is actually what you do when you do the keyword research. It takes only 10-15 minutes to do it. Apparently, a lot of blogger who met me in the past has been spending a whopping 2-3 hours on the keywords.


They had no idea of what they are going to write. They weren’t sure about their niche as well. They just started out of curiosity and are still in curiosity.

If you’re one of such blogger then it’s more better when you pause everything and decide niche first for your blog. Make an editorial calendar and plan out posts. Work on it consistently and then you will start seeing your blog grows out of nowhere.

Thanks for reading, hope you learnt something out of this post. If you’ve any queries then make sure you comment it down below and I’ll get in touch ASAP.

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