Almost 200 posts completed on this blog, I’m feeling like I completed the milestone. I wasn’t lucky enough to find IndiblogHub sooner. I found it when I was planning the keywords for my 183rd post on this blog.

IndiBlogHub is a social networking site for blogs. This is a place on the internet where blogs hang with other blogs. In short, it’s main aim is to connect all the bloggers from India to showcase their blogs and get an medium to build audience. The approach of this site in unique and I was impressed when I found it for the first time.

As, I was browsing through one of the Blog’s Facebook group and I found out the interview of a blogger hosted on IndiBlogHub. Being a curious teenager, I went ahead to check out the interview and this is when I found out this platform 3/4 which is a Indian Blog Directory.

Upon going through this platform, I was flabbergasted to see the community of bloggers roaming around this site sharing posts, interacting with each other and plenty of things happening like

  • Brand Campaign which gives opportunity to bloggers to write & earn.
  • List of Guest Post Accepting Sites, which comes handy for other bloggers out there to increase their Domain Authority and overall SERP of their blogs.
  • Niche Wise Blogs, which even help other blogs to find relevant blogs easily.
  • Discover Amazing Content written and shared by thousands of bloggers around the world.

Aim & Story of IndiBlogHub

The founder of IndiBlogHub, Rahul Gupta started this platform for bloggers in the year 2017 and today over 1 million visitors comes to visit IndiBlogHub to search blogs and increase their network connection with Indian Bloggers.

His aim is to provide all bloggers an opportunity to connect with other bloggers, increase and build their audience simultaneously learning from other bloggers as well. This also opens an opportunity for brand and companies to collaborate with blogs relevant to their niche to promote services or products.

I was also impressed by their Blogger Interview series where you can share your blogging journey and a success story with all the bloggers and visitors of IndiBlogHub. You can also read various success stories from other bloggers and get inspired. You can check out my Interview.

Overall, this is a great initiative to encourage bloggers out there. I was impressed to see the active community of bloggers. I always thought I knew they are only few known bloggers in India but when I joined IndiBlogHub I get to know a thousands of bloggers working in thousands of niches.

Key Features of IndiBlogHub

  • It helps in providing the list of sites and blogs accepting Guest Posts.
  • Building Audience for your blog and increase traffic.
  • Providing bloggers an opportunity to earn by collaborating with Brands/Companies.
  • Brands/Companies got an opportunity to get an exposure of thousands of bloggers without spending time searching for individual bloggers.
  • They have city wise bloggers, niche wise bloggers and much more to make it easy for bloggers to find other blogger related to their niche as well.
  • IndiBlogHub also hosts success stories of you and your blog in their Interview Series which will drive you traffic and build your audience.

You’re always welcome to register yourself and your blog at IndiBlogHub and be a part of wonderful directory. By adding blog, you can share your posts from blog on this platform fetching you some more readers and quick enhanced look into your blogs Domain Authority, Page Rank and Alexa Rank.

Coming to #Khabarlive, it is the Hyderabad’s First Digital Newspaper with millions of readers visiting to their main website which is also a part of IndiBlogHub directory. Khabarlive is a platform for live breaking news in the state of Telangana and it’s capital Hyderabad. It has fascinating stories covered and such stories are nowhere to be found.

Not only it covers news, but also accept posts well written on Culture, Reviews, Explainers and Documentaries. They cover the news and articles in English, Hindi and Telegu. They have a team of professionals working and researching content to post and this leads to the job opportunities at HydNews. You can check out their Career page for job opportunities.

That’s all for today, and hope you’re also impressed by IndiBlogHub. Don’t forget to join even if you’re either a noob to blogging or an expert. This platform is beneficial to all bloggers out there. Kudos to Rahul Gupta for wonderful platform.

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