Ohh My God! My blog post looks crappy. Ohh, seems like you shouldn’t write a blog post fast.

Why am I even writing? I don’t know how to write a god damn good looking post, how will it even drive traffic? Even if it does, I will end up with a higher bounce rate.

These all are your thoughts when you just complete writing a blog post without thinking or fine-tuning it in short. To avoid such a problem, I’m compiling this post to teach you the necessary things to look out for to write a perfect blog post.

Let’s begin one by one, step by step and boom a perfect looking blog post.

Headings, Headings, Headings!

What’s up with heading? Well, the heading is an important part of the blog post. Why? Let me tell you with an example.

A good looking post is usually a post with a lot of information yet looks clean and organized so people might be interested in reading further than to read crap and stuffy post which is pretty much unorganized.

Headings make your blog post look awesome plus it organizes your content. Especially if you are planning on writing an informational article or DIY article. Pretty much, every article must have headings to make it look good and organized. Writing an awesome blog post needs all your attention and you need to be creative enough to stuff content wisely into each heading.

Like for instance, this post I used a heading above. Before even reading you must know what is the first thing you need for writing a blog post isn’t it? That’s all! My heading says it that it should Heading!

Not only heading keep your content organized and increase readability but also allows readers to navigate to a part of your post. Let’s say some of the bloggers already knows about this Heading thing and they want to know more things involved in writing a good blog post so they can navigate easily through headings.

In short, you say it “Post Content” or “What’s Covered In This Post?" etc. etc.

Spaces, Spaces, Spaces!

Next thing must be our friend. If it is not your friend then make it your friend right now. Without this friend, Space it is almost impossible to write a blog post in 2019 or at least in 2019. You don’t always need blog writing formats and how to write a blog post pdf.

These things I am discussing here in this post, make your post look clean and professional and you may also add good words like Excellent or Awesome. As you can see, even in this post my friend Space is likely to be seen everywhere. It is because it helps me in keeping the readers engaged and my page to look clean instead of a book or newspaper.

The trick here is use space whenever you feel like. Make sure, you don’t write more than 100 words in a single paragraph. It will look messy and even messier when your blog post readers are visiting your blog post on a smartphone with a smaller screen.

For me, it became a routine while writing a blog post. I can only write a single paragraph of just 60-70 words maximum without space. If you keep space in mind then you’ll also adopt this habit naturally and it works like a charm. People love reading with spaces, period.

Images, Images, Images!

An appealing blog post you’re aiming for? Without an image, it is never an appealing post. It will be a plain wall of text like Wikipedia. Ohh, wait even Wikipedia use images.

There are several tools and website which can be used to create an image for your blog post. Like for instance, I use Canva to design myself an image for a blog post. You see the above image I used in this post? It’s made using Canva. Pretty right? Make for yourself too then!

Also, you can find amazingly eye-catching images which are royalty-free that means it is not necessary to give credits and also you can use it freely on your blog. Such sites are less but have thousands of images to choose from. If they don’t have then you can always head to Shutterstock and purchase an image.

Websites For Royalty-Free Images For Your Blog Post

Choose one of the websites above and get yourself a God Damn image for your blog post. Remember, your goal is to make an awesome blog post so next time, don’t forget about images for God Sake. I don’t want to read a plain wall of text!

Hey, you know the fun fact.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Pheww) is NOT the longest word in English. ~ Grammarly

By the way, my English is fixed by Grammarly on a regular basis. For an amazing blog post, you need a good command over the language you’re using. You can grab Grammarly and fix your English to make your blog post even more amazing.

Ok, I got it. A fun fact but where did you find it from? This is when you give an external link and you should be giving. It looks professional and after all, you haven’t made that fun fact. Giving credit with an external link or source is necessary.

When it comes to internal linking, you link to your own article. This is a good SEO technique as well but also hits the list of writing a good blog post because people want to read more when they’re engaged. It’s not necessary to link whatever you want but to link only the relevant content.

In the past, I have written a post on How To Make Your Blog Look Good Without Spending More Amount?

The above one is relevant, you see! Why? Because you need a blog that looks good before your post looks amazing. Common Sense, bruh! *Kidding*

Words, Words, Words!

Not necessary all the time, but it will be very wise to write a blog post which contains more than 1000 words at least. The more informational and clear the post is the more likely readers will engage and search engines will rank your post.

So, it is a part of writing an amazing blog post. The best blog post gives information right away which is clear and is filled with truth. You can also use some humour to keep readers engaged, just like I did in this blog post and you’re reading this far.

Clearly, this post contains more than 1000 words and shows you a clear and crisp way of writing an excellent blog post.

Next time, make sure you follow all the above steps and you’ll be able to write an excellent blog post without the need of blog post templates and useless things.

Make sure, you don’t forget to include keywords! Have a nice day.