SEM RUSH or AHREFS? Which SEO Tool Is Worth Much Money?

A lot of bloggers & businesses online need to maintain their SEO either it is off-page or on-page. According to HubSpot75% of SEO is off-page and 25% is on-page.

In this article, you’ll get to know which exactly the SEO tool you’re looking for. Actually, this is a comparison article between two major SEO Tools.

SEM Rush vs Ahrefs: Which Is Powerful?

  • Domain Specific Keyword Ranking
  • Organic Research
  • Check Competitor’s Ranking
  • Keyword Research
  • Adsense
  • Track Various Keywords Metric
  • Check Ads Text of competitors
  • Check All Backlinks
  • Views All Ranking Positions of Your Site
  • Trillions of Backlinks

Ahrefs Review

  • Best SEO Toolbar
  • Link Opportunity Reports
  • Specific Country Keyword Ranking
  • Millions of Keywords Ideas (Over 170 Countries)
  • Check Traffic Estimation of Pages Ranking In Top 10
  • Track And View History of Ranking Keyword of Your Site
  • Content Research With Content Explorer
  • Find Easy-To-Rank Viral Topics Easily
  • Monitor Your Websites Backlinks

Obviously, if you’re new to blogging or the whole concept of SEO then all the things and features of each SEO (Search Engine Optimization) might have gone over your head.

Peace out, check out this guide on SEO if you’re totally new to this concept.

Now which is powerful? For me and in my opinion as a blogger and a guy with products to sell on E-Commerce, I go for SEMrush without any hesitation and I’m telling you the same. I’ve discussed why you should go for it in details below.

Trying it yourself and check out the little demo can give you the idea of how amazing SEO tool it is. Even if you’re a beginner and knows nothing about SEO then you’ll be able to do it right with this tool.

It shows everything, backlinks, keywords, organic research, keyword ranking specific to the domain and very more interesting stuff you never know happening in the backend of your site. Once, you know these things you can always improve it by researching using this tool.

SEMrush always made me go wow. Do you want to really know if it makes you wow? Drop-in your domain, check out the results. Try it and then you’ll be able to tell how fantastic the statistics it shows.

Boost Your Blog With A Lot of Traffic!

I hope you got the idea of how it works. For some details, it is free. However, I assure you that you’ll be even more fascinated when you sign up for the paid version. It enhances your results, and give you all the complete listings. 

If you got an E-Commerce store, then this tool is a must. Remember, with so much data it provides you can be the king. You can optimize the ranking of your store by researching organic traffic. You can find amazing keywords to target and drive traffic to your store increasing your sales and resulting in a lot of profits.

If you count SEMrush in figures, then there are over 4 Million Users, 140 Geo Databases, 540 Million Domains and 10 Billion Keywords!

Can you believe it? With this figure, you can already assume how they help people who wish to optimize their sites. This is hell one of the Marketing Toolkit for the digital marketing professional as well as small online business owners and giant bloggers.

It is trusted by Quora, HP, and eBay!

Coming next, it helps you in enhancing the results of the efforts you put in PPC. Giving you insights in Google Shopping Campaign Analysis, Keyword Grouping & management along with ads keywords and research.

This doesn’t end here. You’re able to outstand your social media strategy by building it with this SEMrush tool. It helps you in increasing Facebook Reach along with schedule and post to five social networks. Coming to blog posts, you need articles. The trending topic ideas most bloggers get in mind is right from this SEMrush tool.

Another great hit about this tool is that it provides you with Overview of Market Insights & Competitors Strategies. Now, how cool is that? Do you have an idea what it can do? Well, let’s see!

  • You can dive into any company’s web traffic & their visitor engagement. It gives you the idea of your competitor.
  • You can easily understand the new market to the maximum possible.
  • You can learn the most effective digital marketing strategies.

Pictures speak a thousand words! Let me show you the sneak peek into this blog’s domain overview with SEMrush. Checkout, how amazing things it shows. You can sign up for SEMrush totally free with 10 requests a day. Sign up now>

Do you see that? Tons of options. On the left, it also gives you:

  1. Topic Research Tool
  2. SEO Content Template (To Make Your Article SEO Friendly)
  3. SEO Writing Assistant. (This is just crazy tool, it picks all your error and make it SEO ready right away)
  4. CPC Map (This comes pretty handy)

You can also do traffic analysis on any domain you wish to. Let it be this domain, let it be the Neil Patel’s blog or Harsh Aggarwal’s blog. Hence, you can also check up on your competitor and do your best to keep up!

Here, they have this amazing thing called “SEMrush Sensor” and I just love it. 

This widget simply shows you the volatility of SERP for the last 30 days. It shows you the changes and updates from Google to the algorithm. 

If the results in the search engine are shaking up, you check it out in this widget. If it’s green no need to worry about, however, if it’s other than green then you need to check your website ranking. 

It only happens when there is a sign of changes in the Google algorithm. That’s it. If you really like the SEMrush Review then comment your opinions down below.

Hope you like the post, if you have queries or would like to discuss the SEMrush and it features then comment down below.