Got your domain? What’s next? AFFORDABLE WEBSITE HOSTING. Yes, Web hosting. It is basically where you keep all the data on your website. I will be doing a Hostinger full review for you to open your mind and help you decide why you should be choosing them for your new website.

As you’re new to starting a website, you have to go for affordable hosting and slowly scale up as you learn more about it. Therefore, hosting should be great in performance to load your site faster and of course hassle less with 365/24/7 support which Hostinger Hosting provides.

When you type in the domain, you’re directed to what’s in the house. If you’re still new to starting a blog, here is the full guide to start a blog. In this article, I will do Hostinger hosting review.

Before getting started, I want to let you know that Hostinger provides “30 DAYS NO QUESTIONS ASKEDmoney-back guarantee. Well, just try and if you’re not satisfied with them in 30 days, just get a full refund.

Didn’t like something about Hostinger? Get your money back, as simple as that.

I am totally not messing with you guys, I am recommending this hosting because it is great for beginners and even advanced with their premium plans.

Hostinger - The Affordable Website Hosting Provider

If you’re just starting out a new blog, then Hostinger is the best choice to go for. It provides free domain & SSL and is WordPress optimized. Till now, I haven’t encountered any downtime till now.

Here is the GTMetrix Results of my blog hosted on Hostinger,

This is the quick Hostinger Hosting Review

  • The cheapest plan starts from $0.99/mo. The best plan for beginners. (Small to Medium Sites)
  • You can also get the domain free with a premium plan ($2.89/mo)
  • Your site will be faster as it provides high processing power. All of its servers are optimized for WP.
  • Good for E-Commerce sites.
  • Tier 3 datacenter over 7 different regions providing you with the lowest latency and reliability.
  • Better SEO, & 3x more request per second.
  • They provide incremental backups so your data is safe.

Although I am not saying it can be the only affordable hosting for websites but here is the quick look at the comparison of Top 3 Web Hosting Providers

Don’t worry, I know you don’t know that jargons but no need to worry, they all have it, and having it is the best thing for hosting. That’s all you need to know.

Get Started With Hostinger Hosting Website Builder

Hostinger provides you with a website builder. No need to hire anyone or spend money on making a website. Build Your Website In Minutes Not Days.

To make your website, you need to go through just 4 steps.

  1. Sign up for Hostinger. Pick a plan.
  2. Choose a template or create your own using with easy drag n drop website builder.
  3. Customize your website. Make it professional. Make blog post pages, e-commerce pages, services pages with ease.
  4. Publish your website.

Hostinger Not Only Provides Affordable Hosting For Websites But Have All Plans

Still Confused? Let Me Make It From Scratch For You

You can always place an order with me by contacting me first with your requirements and then simply placing the order. I’ll set up everything for you including,

  • Installing SSL
  • Installing WordPress & Plugins
  • Design Whole Site As Per Your Need
  • Creating Pages

It’s now ready to be published. You will only need to start adding content to it right away using WordPress.

Why Hostinger Hosting?

In my personal opinion, this company is one of the best in terms of providing hosting at most amazing prices even the first time purchase and renewal as well.

SiteGround is considered the best and I am definitely not arguing on this, but being a beginner blogger you never need it. This hostinger provider attracts the new bloggers with it’s initial pricing and when this new bloggers realizes it only when it’s too late. Next year they move to affordable hosting which is very time consuming process to change hosts.

Hostinger is definitely the best and affordable website hosting because it is perfect in the terms of performance, storage, emails, SSL, free domain, etc. whatever you name it, they have it. To be honest, I am not a fan of the old and confusing layout of cPanel, and guess what?

Hostinger solved this issue out. They made a new and clean user interface for their control panel which goes by the name “hPanel”. I love it.

Advanced User?

Do you need a more powerful performance? Hostinger Hosting is definitely a good buy for being affordable but it does have other enhanced performance hosting as well such as,


I hope you are convinced with this hostinger hosting review and I am not making you buy it but giving you good advice since I have been in the blogging field for over 4 years now and know the nuts and bolt of each and every hosting company out there. I also know there are small companies just reselling you the hosting with everything capped and making your experience of blogging a nightmare.

Trust me, I have already been there and not necessarily you should also fall in the trap of those “Very Cheap Hosting”. The hostinger is already the affordable website hosting you can get hands-on.

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