There is always a time when you visit your friend and they put in the password to their Wi-Fi and doesn’t tell you. Well, I’m here to teach you to get that password without actually asking them. Now, sit back and read this post so you can know the password and share with others or connect them with more of your devices and hog their bandwidth down.

Friends are always worth it even if they are useless. Before further ado, let’s get started.

Steps To Obtain Connected Wi-Fi Password Using Browser:

Step 1: Obtaining Password via Browser

This method is simple and requires browser on any device, for instance, Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and particularly anything that has browser to browse. However, it also requires default router username and password to login into router settings.

Nowadays, routers are amazing ranges. Super fast and powerful routers like Mi 3C & TP-Link Archer C20. I personally use these two routers with my 60MBPS connection and I’m pretty much impressed. Also with Mi 3C router, I was able to do QOS (Quality of Service) settings very easily and limit everyone’s speed to maintain a reliable speed for devices connected.

While with the Archer C20, I set up a bridge connection to my computer for internet access. It was lying around so I installed custom firmware (DDWRT) to use it as Wireless Adapter for my PC. This router is also amazing. Reliable speeds, and connects a lot of devices at a time without getting disconnected. When it comes to range, I always prefer Mi 3C Router.

If you are interested in both routers, you can buy it right away from here.

In this guide, you’ll be using a default gateway of the router and then logging in with default username and password of the router and check password yourself. Easy peasy!

  1. First, go to Wi-Fi settings.
  2. Press on connect Wi-Fi network and check out the IP Address. Most of the routers have following default gateways, try one:
  3. After opening the default page, check the model of router written on that page.
  4. Accordingly, visit default routers usernames and passwords community to check the router model username & password.
  5. By default, many routers passwords are blank and username as admin. For others, it might both username and password as admin.
  6. Once you’re into router setting page, find the wireless settings and then Wireless Password and check the box which says, (Show Password).
  7. You now have the Wi-Fi password.

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