Are you planning to buy yourself a new case for your smartphone? After searching online, you’re either not satisfied with the cases or the prices. If you’re then here I am with top 3 websites to buy designer phone cases online.

I compiled this list myself and ordered at least one case from all of them hence, the list is limited to 5. However, if you have previously bought cases from websites which are not listed down in this article then make sure you comment them below.

I will make the long story into short hence, you’re all here looking for the websites to buy cases from. I will discuss the following along with the website so you can decide even better and not regret spending money on the cases.

The list is sorted by case quality. Although I will mention price ranges too along with the review.

Macmerise Mobile Cases & Covers

Macmerise phone cases are made by giving priority to quality first. The print is fabulous and looks stunning as it is a quality print otherwise would look dull. All the phone cases and covers on Macmerise are made of hard plastic and have precise cut out for power and volume buttons including charging and headphone jack ports.

The cases are smooth and soft to touch which also enhances the grip of your phone along with the protection from scratches and drops in your daily lives. I personally prefer the cases as they look outstanding as well as they are made of quality material which absorbs impacts unlike other cases with a brittle plastic material that damages even phone when dropped.

They have license acquired from Disney and as well as Marvel. They have an amazing collection of Harry Potter & Marvel collection when it comes to phone cases.

Macmerise currently have exclusive deal going on! Buying 2 cases gets you another case absolutely free. No need of coupons, it is auto-applied on check out.


As far you’re living in one of the metro cities then you should be able to unbox your case just within 3 days. For me, after placing an order in working hours and by evening it was dispatched. I received the case just the next day. It might take 2 or 3 days but not more than that however might be possible in rare cases. For me, they shipped out to Hyderabad via BlueDart.


All the mobiles cases & covers are priced at flat Rs 599.

The Souled Store Mobile Covers

Yet another fascinating site which sells, even more, better collection of designer cases. Especially when it comes to Typography cases, they have it all. They don’t have the best quality as Macmerise but yet a very good print and case quality.

The print doesn’t peel off and the case is hard plastic which protects the phone from damages and drops. If you’re tighter on a budget but still looking for some quality cases that can fulfil your needs along with coolness then you should definitely go for The Souled Store.

They currently support all the major and minor models of smartphones. I personally tried one of their cases on my Galaxy S8 and it does add a little bulk to my phone but it protected it enough from drops and scratches. If you want something lighter then do make sure you buy it from Macmerise.


They shipped the product to me via FedEx overnight package and didn’t even charge me anything extra. The package came after 3 days of placing the order.


The Souled Store cases and covers are available for only Rs 399. Moreover, if you regularly buy products from them such as bags, umbrellas, t-shirts, etc then I recommend you to go for its membership which costs very less. With membership, you have different prices i.e, Rs 100 less than the original price.

Bewakoof - Mobile Covers & Cases

When it comes to funky and fashionable t-shirts, there is no doubt Bewakoof can come handy. Although their phone cases also surprised me. First time ordering the case from Bewakoof was a bad experience for me as the case being of the same model I have yet didn’t fix.

I contacted Bewakoof next day, they took the product back. I ordered a case for an iPhone SE and after this then I again went to try the case from Bewakoof and it turns out to be the best and affordable.

There is a slight change in the quality and colours are reproduced lightly. However, like another case, they aren’t dull looking. The precision cuts allow the smartphone jacks and ports to be connected. The cover fitted the phone perfectly and there were no issues with shipping.


The Bewakoof ships the products within 48 hours of placement and the product reaches you within a week. They use ShadowFax as their courier services.


The mobiles cases and covers at Bewakoof are merely priced at Rs 175 - 199. However, they have very fewer models. Please visit their site to check if the cases are available for your model.

Other Websites For Phone Cases

I personally didn’t tested them out. I thought they are worth the mention. If somebody has already tried them, do comment down your experiences.

No Cases? How About Skins/Decals?

Not all people love adding bulk to their premium and finest designs of their smartphones and at the same time, they tend to protect it. No cases mean they will be ready to grab some skins with texture for their smartphones. It protects your phone from scratches, however, dropping phones will crack the screens.

If you’re very good at keeping your smartphones then you’re always welcome to try skins. They are the most fascinating thing I had ever on my smartphone.

Where To Buy Smartphones Skins?

You can easily buy them from top brands or say companies. All of them ships worldwide.

  1. GadgetSheildz - Screen & Body Protector | Skinnova Skins (It is based in India)
  2. SlickWraps - All Types of Skins (It is based in the US)
  3. MKBHD Favorite - DBrand

Hope you love the article and now is aware of 3 best websites to buy designer phone cases online. Do let me know in the comment section below about your favourite cases. Also, tell me what would you choose? Cases or Skins?