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There are UPSC aspirants everywhere but it seems like you’re one of them and looking for some renowned coaching institute to set in yourself and lead the road. Your search for the UPSC coaching institutes in Delhi ends here.

Today, I’ll be presenting you the Shri Ram IAS Coaching institute which is based in Delhi. It is one of the top coaching institute which offers the right guidance to crack the civil service exam.

Cracking civil service exam takes a lot of effort and quality guidance and when one misses it when they eventually miss the exam too. Shri Ram Coaching Institute give this guidance and quality education to the aspirants to help them in cracking the Civil Service Exams. Apart from this, Shri Ram Coaching Institute has to offer several features along to deliver the outstanding and motivational education to the aspirants.

Shri Ram Coaching Institute, Delhi

What It Has To Offer?

  • Comprehensive Study Material for all students to study and revise from whenever needed.
  • Regular Class Room sessions
  • Periodic Performance Analysis
  • Mock Test Facility to help the student in outstanding the fear of exam and to test themselves.
  • Timely Performance Report for understanding the student weakness

Not only limited to this, but it also provides students with a healthy learning environment which helps the student create a positive effect on their minds. The structured and systematic way of curriculum helps them in guiding the student effectively for the UPSC exams.

Therefore, there is no doubt that Shri Ram Coaching Institute is the best IAS coaching in Delhi.

Since 1995, Shri Ram Coaching Institute is now one of the top 10 institutes in Delhi that offers quality education and guidance for UPSC Examination Preparation, Civil Service Examination Preparation, General Study and Public Administration preparation. Everyone has hidden skills and ability and all they need is the right place to reveal them. Here’s when Shri Ram Coaching Institute comes to your rescue in revealing your hidden skills.

Let’s keep students aside, Shri Ram Coaching Institute takes weekend classes for the working professionals or students who are still studying and has difficulty in attending the classes in the weekdays.

For those who are not actually from Delhi, the coaching institute provides them guidance in finding the hostel facilities near the coaching institute. The cost has to be paid by you and it’s pretty affordable at just Rs 8,000 to Rs 10,000.

The whole new batches of strength just 35-40 which is effective and create a learning environment are starting from 14 June 2019 and 19 July 2019. All the admissions are given on First Come First Serve basis. What are you waiting? This is the moment to grab the fabulous opportunity to get coaching from one of the top 10 institutes in Delhi.

How This Coaching Institute Is Effective In Preparing Students For IAS?

Shri Ram coaching institute was established in 1995 and they have over 23 years of experience in this field. Overall, they use these techniques which allows them to be one of the effective institutes.

  • They provide students with personal attention till they qualify which means greater result.
  • They have excellent results in the past.
  • This institute conducts prelim and main tests on a regular basis to help the student overcome the fear and improve their accuracy and precision.
  • Shri Ram Institute provides with exclusive material for their students.

Admission & Fee Structure

Shri Ram has the affordable IAS Coaching Fees as compared to the features they offer. Also, the admission process is seamless and they even take admissions online on their website. You can directly call them or contact using their Email if you have any more queries.

The online admission process is easier and is served on First Come First Serve basis. Online admission usually books your seat in the coaching institute. You can then call on the contact number given on their website to discuss more the procedure and can pay the admission fee online as well. They have listed their bank details on the website.

Coming to the fee structure, the fees are affordable compared to what they offer. The foundation value pack starts from only Rs 1,65,000 and it consists of all things necessary for the UPSC examination and this course is of 1-year duration. Rest all packages are listed on their IAS Coaching Fees page on their website.

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