If Starting An Online Business is what you’re looking for then you’re exactly at the right place. Everyone in their lifetime wishes to start one and some has done it in the past or in the school where they learnt the thing called “Business” when they tried to sell cool things at a higher price to their friends at school.

Yes, Yes! Many can relate to that. Well, how about I teach you the real amazing online business ideas to help you get kick started? Sounds great, right. Without further ado, let’s get deeper into it.

Let’s see why starting an online business is beneficial when compared to offline business. Here is the list of things on why online business is more better than an offline business.

Online Business

  • Can be managed easily from anywhere around the world.
  • Global Access, available 24/7. Hence, more sales.
  • Cost Savings
  • Less Paper Waste
  • A lot of options of a startup
  • Easier to reach your potential customer with SEO tools.
  • Advertisements can be tracked.

Offline Business

  • Requires a lot of investment and It shows you’re financially stable
  • It is required when products are meant to be touched and felt.
  • It is required when products are meant to be touched and felt.
  • Good place can increase the chance of customer walk-ins so high sales.

When it comes to Online Business Ideas In India, there are plenty of options to choose from and this is where people get confused. They just don’t know if it works or some don’t know how to even get started.

List of Top 4 Online Business Ideas For Beginners

Let’s discuss the top 4 online business ideas in India for beginners. They are simple, perfect and works if you dedicate your time to it and work on it properly. Everything takes time.

#1 - Drop Shipping

You might have already heard about it right? Drop shipping is a popular phrase used among the term “Online Business”. This business model is clearly easy and perfectly understandable. 

Drop shipping is nothing but a type of reselling but not under the supplier’s brand. The supplier ships the product for you under your brand name.

To get started with Drop Shipping, you have to launch a website to place the products and advertise it to sell at your own price.

You can choose from E-Commerce Solutions available online. 

  • Shopify
  • Shopmatic
  • BigCommerce
  • Volusion
  • WooCommerce (WordPress)

Don’t know how to launch your own website? Don’t worry. You can visit my services page to order one of my plans and I’ll make your website completely ready to serve.

This is a cool business idea! If you’re serious about it then I recommend you to start your E-Commerce website with the help of the leading hosting company which can handle thousands of products on your site with ease. You can also scale easily. I’ve been doing business with them and they are affordable plus an amazing service to be honest. 

#2 - Review Blog + Affiliate

You might be familiar with this as well. In this business model, you earn money from selling the products from giants companies that offers an Affiliate program like Amazon, Flipkart, vComission, etc.

First of all, you will need a website again (Just kidding, all online businesses needs a website). You can make your own blog to review products and then simultaneously within post provide them links to buy the product. 

It is highly likely that the customer after a genuine review will buy the product. 

After signing up for an affiliate program, you’ll be given tools to create links for an individual product. You can then place the link within your post so, the people click and buy from it.

When they purchase it, you’ll earn a commission from the company.

If you don’t know how to start your own blog without spending a lot of money then here the guide to start your own blog. If you’re based in India then check out the last bonus section for a blog starting guide in India the easiest way.

#3 - Print On Demand (Your Own Online Store + Brand)

Print on demand, as the word itself says what it is about. In this business model, you simply have to launch your online store and sign up for Print On Demand companies which prints anything from Mugs to T-Shirts for you and on demand.


  • No need of keeping stocks of T-Shirts or anything you want to print. The POD companies take care of it for you.
  • You just need online store and amazing designs that sell to advertise them to the audience using Facebook.
  • POD companies offers you the product in wholesale prices. You can keep your own price and sell on your store.
  • They offer Custom Branding, Custom Neck Labels, etc.


  • There is a slight risk of designs. You should know what sells in market and whom to target.
  • There are copyright issues that needs to be tackled. Before designing t-shirts, checkout for copyrights. 
  • One should know how to launch an online store and design the store to save costs.
  • You also need to know about advertising and how Facebook Pixel works.

Here are some trusted Print on Demand companies,

  1. QikInk
  2. Printrove

#4 - Making Simple Yet Effective Android App

Yes, making a simple application but an outstanding one will fetch you so many downloads on the Playstore. 

If you’re an developer then search for the right need of people and also check if there are any applications in competition. If not, or maybe less then you can work on your way to create an app and launch it on the playstore.

You can integrate app with AdMob which is similar to that of Adsense but it is used for monetizing applications instead of websites or blogs.

For example, let’s say in India people often look out for coupon codes and discounts. I see the opportunity in Food Delivery discount codes. 

I got an idea of making an app that compares or show the coupons codes of food delivery apps like Zomato, UberEats, FoodPanda, Fasoos, etc. updated daily in one app.

Seems cool right?

Yup, so I make that app and monetize it with AdMob. 


  • AdMob isn’t that strict. Unlike Adsense, it approves app almost immediately.
  • If your app really stands out, it is likely to cross huge numbers of downloads.
  • Huge number people using the app means you can make descent income out of it.
  • You can later develop the app professionally and introduce premium plans as well.


  • It is not everyone cup of tea to develop apps. However, you can always get started and learn. There are many websites that offers free app developing courses. You can check SkillShare, Udemy, etc.
  • Google charges $25 as one-time developer fee to publish apps on Play Store.


  1. Starting an authority site or just a website on one niche and do affiliate marketing.
  2. Start a personal blog and review things you do in your day to day life, that is your hobbies, or teach people something you know type of blog. Get started with a blog in India!

If you have any doubts or feedback, you can comment down below. I will reach out to you.