Many of the people I met so far are confused about blogging and they get misconceptions about blogging. Indeed, they are not clearly able to distinguish between the two, after all, there is a huge difference. However, they are also confused about the whole thing called “Blogging”

Many of them approach me with questions like.

  • What is blogging? Are you a writer or something?
  • Why you do this? Do you get anything in return?
  • How do you manage stuff on the internet? You design and write all this? OMG? xD
  • Are you freaking geek or what?
  • Do you do this all day? What do you earn from this?
  • Are you famous all over the internet?
  • Are you a millionaire? (Seriously, dude?)

Finally, I decided to clear up the misconceptions of everything when it comes to blogging. Blogging certainly doesn’t mean you’re someone really famous or might be earning much to get settled. Yes, there are bloggers with success stories and earns in 6 figures at least but that’s not clearly fit for all bloggers.

Basic Things You Should Know About Blogging

All bloggers don’t have the same story as you might think. All have different stories, some bloggers blog in search for money and end up leaving soon as they realize there’s no such thing as quick money. While some bloggers start blogging as a passion and for sharing stories and making people lives easier. These are two types of the blogger and is completely different. Don’t even mistake them as same. It is one of the general misconceptions about blogging.

Blogging is seriously not a big deal. In 2019, it’s no wonder to start a blog and start blogging. You can do it right away with a simple tutorial on “How To Start A Blog”. Now bloggers are classified further into different categories. Yes, there are bloggers who do A to Z blogging while some really stick to the niche. Let’s get deeper into this.

There are plenty of bloggers dealing with different niches like for example,

  1. Health & Fitness
  2. Technology (Popular)
  3. Tutorials & DIY
  4. Lifestyle
  5. Fashion
  6. Business & Entrepreneurs
  7. Reviews
  8. Hacks & Tricks
  9. Downloads Blog
  10. Personal Blogs (Experiences & Stories)

The list doesn’t end there. It continues and there are still many more. Popular and very competitive ones like Tutorial on Money Making blogs, etc are excluded. Such blogs are excluded doesn’t mean they don’t make sense. They do, but due to huge competitions and less time, it is advisable not to pursue your blogging passion in that niche.

Misconception #1: Do Bloggers Earn A Lot?

The first I hear when I say I blog is that “Hey, how much do you earn? You might be earning a lot right?”.
No, seriously it depends. It’s not like I start blogging and the cash just gets dropping into my bank account. It is different. I guarantee you that earning a good amount of money from blogging does take a lot of time.

Why is it so?

You need to make a base from scratch. You need to produce content that drives traffic, tests different strategies with blogging before you make your own success story. I agree that blogging is fun and a good passion.

Everything takes time and needs a plenty of hard work to be invested before it gives you output. It’s a similar story when it comes to blogging.

Misconception #2: Do Bloggers Think And Write All Day?

No, we don’t. Why do you even think that? Our life is as same as yours. We do have families and friends to take care of. In all of this time, bloggers maintain a good time for blogging as well.

Also, we don’t think 24/7 about what to blog about. We extract ideas from people, things near us whenever we sat down for publishing the new blog posts. Just like the writer staring at the white page in front of them thinking what to write about. Likewise, bloggers think when a white page is in front of them and not all the time.

Misconception #3: Do Bloggers Get Paid For Blogging?

The answer is No. Bloggers don’t get paid for blogging. However, there are two main ways bloggers earn money. It is either by Monetizing their blogs with Advertising companies or by accepting sponsored posts.

Bloggers do get paid for publishing post which is sponsored by companies looking for promoting their products. Apart from this, there are many other bloggers who are looking for building links do certainly reach us with offers for a link back. In this case, also, your blog should be of high authority to get offers.

Misconception #4: Are Bloggers Famous?

This is again a popular question that arises for the people. They usually end up thinking that a blogger might be famous. Again, not all bloggers are famous. Yes, there are some bloggers who are famous.

Like when it comes to earning, it is a similar case here. It’s like hitting 2 targets with 1 arrow. The arrow is pretty much nothing but traffic which we generate with our content and targets are earning and getting fame.

Are you familiar now? I hope so. I would also like to clarify that for generating a lot of traffic with content we bloggers produce is tough and challenging. It has to meet certain requirements and face issues as well.

Therefore many bloggers that start for either earning or getting fame leaves blogging within a short period of time.

I hope I cleared all the popular misconceptions about blogging. For any questions that might arise in your mind, feel free to share it with me in the comments section below.