Looking for Beginner Blogger mistakes?  Many of the people are willing to maintain a blog, reach a maximum amount of traffic and then convert those traffic into money and see much future in it.

In this article, I’ll share my views on Why did my first blog failed and the things I learned from it.

The first thing I learned about blogs is that not many people like to read plain texts. They want visual or graphics that might get them attracted to read no matter what they are searching for. It actually works for most of the time. You can attract many people by making Infographics and drive really good traffic so far.

You’re free to share it with a link back to this site.

Look how cool is that?  

I almost covered everything I wanted to say in a great visual thing. It doesn’t get boring to read a lot of text. You should implement this technique of Infographics right away to make your blog even more successful.  

Let’s cover these things in details.

Starting A Blog For Main Income!

You should not be doing this for money. Trust me at least not until you get enough traffic for daily 500 visitors at a minimum. So chin up and first make your blog authoritative enough before you think of generating income.

Let me tell you a clear point, and do the maths. Suppose you get 500 unique visitors a day, therefore maximum impressions you could achieve from your Ads displayed will be around 800-1000.

Now different countries have different rates per 1000 impressions, but you could easily earn around $4-$5 per day.

What’s left aside is clicks on Ads. From 500 visitors, you could easily get around 2-10 clicks at maximum.

Therefore, clicks can generate a revenue of around $1-$6 depending on different countries and Advertisements.

A total sum of $10-$15 per day with just 500 visitors a day on your site or blog. Driving this 500 Visitors daily is not the cup of tea for everyone. You should be producing super great content and be consistent with uploading posts with amazing keyword research & placements of Ads.

If you ever wanted to start blogging and monetizing it right away then I suggest you to look at Affiliate Marketing.

Don’t Ever Miss Keyword Research

Now coming to this part, it plays a major role while blogging. You did hard work, you spent a lot of time writing and compiling the article but none of the people really appreciating your work. Why is it so?

It’s just because your article is not properly indexed into the search engines. People looking for those aren’t able to find your article. Because you never spent time researching on keywords used in the article.

The word people uses to search online. A keyword just tells you how many impressions it can bring with a word. It also helps you in getting your site properly indexed and visible to people searching for that word (Keyword) you used in the article.

Do good keyword research for the article you planned to publish so that it can be indexed and visible to readers in need of it. Some of the free Keyword Planners are available online. I personally recommended you to use Google’s Adword Keyword Planner or UberSuggest

Stay With A Single Domain Name!

A short describing one should be used as your Domain. A long and wordy one is not only harder to memorize but also affect the traffic in some way.

It may not look professional or something you can trust with having a unique and short name to your Domain name. My first blog was having a kind of stupid domain (www.3m4d.com) which contained my Online Alias. It uses numbers and alphabets.

It was short but for our users, it was not like a legit looking domain. I created this second blog with a good domain name now describing clearly what this domain name consists or it is about.

I never had a thought that I would loose every ranking and backlinks if I rebrand my blog. I was stupid back then. I came to know about it later about rebranding your blog without loosing the ranking.

Niche Is Indeed A King!

Looking to drive all the traffic organically? You should be choosing and creating a lot of quality content in order to receive a certain amount of visitors. Niche also plays a huge role in the advertisement sector.

The niche of he blog is the topic of the blog you currently owned. Let it be based on anything like technology, Health, Fitness, Games, Downloads and so on.

You can also consider many niche ideas from Amazon, or use KeySearch a niche ideas brainstormer. Once you pick a niche, stay with it and expand slowly to it’s relevant content to produce much more content on it.

The perfect niche earns you a lot of money. All the things I shared here was done by a beginner blogger and it is considered as mistakes. All beginner bloggers pay attention to this things and you might succeed much faster.  

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