PayTM First Credit Card is doing the rounds on the internet when PayTM’s Instagram handle shared the news of their First Credit Card being held for the launch soon for all the customers and as of now only, the selected customers have the option inside the PayTM updated app for applying for their First Credit Card.

Let’s dig deeper and get into PayTM First Credit Card Review.

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PayTM First Credit Card Review

It is claimed to be India’s First Credit Card with Unlimited 1% Cashback and that too on all the transactions done via this credit card. There aren’t any restrictions on earning categories so far. So, that’s 1% unlimited cashback credited to your card every month automatically.

PayTM partnered with Citibank to present this Credit Card to their customers. As always PayTM is winning the people’s heart by being super conscious about the charges. I myself loved their saving digital bank as well. They generally don’t charge bogus and whatever they charge makes sense.

Here are the highlighted features of the PayTM First Credit Card:

  1. It works across India and as well as Internationally.
  2. Contactless Enabled. You don’t have to swipe the card instead tap it for the payment.
  3. The annual fee for the card i.e, Rs 500 is waived off (Discounted) if you spent more than Rs 50,000 a year.
  4. Equated Monthly Installment options.
  5. Exclusive offers around the lounges, restaurants, shopping on acclaimed Citi Privileges platform that is partnered with CitiBank.

Apart from all those benefits, PayTM First Credit Card users will also get the PayTM First membership for free. You pay Rs 500 for the card which can be waived off if you spend more than Rs 50,000 a year and get Rs 650 PayTM first membership for free. That’s like paying Rs 500 for a pack of Rs 1150.

All the details and expenditure of the Credit Card can be tracked via the PayTM App normally. You’ll be introduced to new PayTM First Credit Card section in which you will be able to see the passbook just like your saving accounts along with offers and benefits of the card.

How Can I Apply For This Credit Card?

If you’re one of the selected member of PayTM for their inaugural of PayTM First Credit Card then you can simply follow these steps to apply for the credit card.

  • Open the PayTM Application on your iOS or Android.
  • On the front page, you will see a lot of function and at the end of these function, you’ll see More hamburger menu.
  • Click on More
  • Now look for PayTM First and the tap on it.
  • You should be able to apply for credit card only if you’re selected member otherwise, you’ll be greeted with PayTM First Membership offer currently for Rs 650 after Rs 100 Cashback.

When Will All The PayTM Customer Gets The First Credit Card?

PayTM didn’t reveal the exact time and date for the launching the credit card for all of it’s customers. But they did mention that it will be available for all soon enough till then enjoy PayTM Postpaid.

For even more details on PayTM First Credit Card, you can read here.

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