Looking for a date but don’t know where to find your date? Well, I’m here with the best 5 dating applications in India. Some of them are impressive while some of are just fine for finding a date.

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Let’s go ahead and dig deeper in those applications to help you find an amazing date.

1. Happn - Local Dating App [iOS/Android]

It is on our top list due to its amazing features so far. Happn Dating App uses location services (GPS) to help detect your date crossing paths with you, with Happn App installed. This way it increases the chances of a successful date as both of you will be using the app for finding a date.

Later after crossing the paths in real life, you will be notified in the app that you crossed the path and shows you their profile. You can either dismiss or send them a crush. If both of you send crush to each then its a date. You get a chance to chat with each other and look for where to meet.

They are growing and still growing. Although they have enough amount of users now, and if you travel a lot then you might cross paths with hundreds of girls/boys.

Happn Application now have over 50 Million Installs and that’s huge.

Personal Experience:

  1. This app clearly a great idea when it comes to dating. However, the premium or paid version is the best and unlocks more amazing features but they don’t offer a trial. It is expensive for most of the people and cost more than utility bills.
  2. There are many fake profiles you cross paths with.

2. Tinder [iOS/Android]

Tinder is a worldwide dating app which is also operational in India. It is a location-based social search app which basically allows the user to Like (Swipe Right) and Dislike (Swipe Left) and if both of them happen to swipe right each other then its a match.

Tinder has over 30 million matches to date. It is said to be making over 26 million matches a day and that’s a whopping big number. It has over 100 million installs so far on the Play Store let apart the App Store.

It’s simple. You want to meet new people around or want to find a date. Install Tinder and just start swiping. You will get a match pretty soon. It’s time to decide whether you need to go for a date or not.

Personal Experience:

  1. Not a big fan of Tinder. Overall, for making some new friends I would go there and try but no luck in finding a perfect date.
  2. It seems to have so many Gold Diggers. I made two separate profiles and posted pictures accordingly that is one profile for show off and another one damn simple. Guess what? The show off profile went viral and had so many matches.

3. QuackQuack Online Dating [iOS/Android]

QuackQuack is a leading platform for online dating in India. You might never hear about it but it has been featured in several mega-sites like BusinessToday, YourStory, BuzzFeed, HindustanTimes, & DatingAdvice.

Over 5 Million users are Quack-Quacking and most importantly, it is all Indian. In 2007, one of the guys in a group got an idea about Matchmaking site and in 2010 it went live. Since then, it has been rocking in the Dating category.

Quack Quack is safe and genuine platform for matchmaking. It takes and confirms phone number, social site and even review the bio kept for the profile. Hence, it is the perfect place to not encounter fake profiles.

Personal Experience:

  1. It has been so far so good. I made some crazy friend though.
  2. However, you need to pay an amount if you want to know who likes you. Hence, a bit good.

4. Bumble [iOS/Android]

Bumble is not that famous or popular in India. However, it’s the best when it comes to putting yourself out there. Bumble doesn’t only do the dating stuff but it also have several things like Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF. That’s right!

You can make best friends here and also meet amazing new people apart from dating. It has over 45 million users in 140 countries and is launched in the year 2014.

If you are not able to get with the other applications, you must try this Bumble app for a date.

Personal Experience:

  1. The UI and graphics inside the application seems to impress me.
  2. The Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF is more kind of what I was looking for so it’s a yes!

Wrapping Up

From all the above apps listed, I found Happn to be more productive and reliable. The idea and concept are cool, I mean the one with crossing paths. Next is the Quack Quack which is amazing due to their spam and fake free profiles. Tinder is just a good app because of endless possibilities. For BFF, I simply love Bumble.