Are you looking to take the major step all beginner bloggers do? You’re probably at the right place.

Many website owners and especially bloggers look out for hosting after purchasing the domain and that’s not new thing. Every day thousands of such bloggers and website owners look out for best hosting providers with amazing uptime.

Note: Keep in mind that this article is for those who are new to blogging and are looking for budget hosting for their small blog or website.

I will be shortlisting 2 shared hosting providers specifically for beginners who are looking for affordable prices and maximum performance. All of the hosting providers I’m mentioning are self-tested and are not sponsored in any way. Therefore, there are only 2 in the list.

All the hosting providers below are targeted for Indian users however, all of them do support international payments and they have servers located around the world. Apart from Indian readers, rest all of you could easily purchase the hosting as they are partnered with major payment gateways supporting Apple Pay, PayPal, AliPay (China), and much more.

1. GenX Web Hosting

They have several Linux Shared Hosting packages to choose from. The lowest package is starting from mere 65 INR or $0.94 a month. Their starter pack offers the following:

  • 1 Website or Blog
  • 500MB of Web Space
  • 1GB Bandwidth
  • 2 Email Accounts

This package is best suited for small bloggers with lot less images and downloads. If you have good enough amount of visitors and you use a lot of images then you should opt for their Silver Pack which is the most popular one. It is starting from 163 INR or $2.36 a month.

In this package they offer 1 website along with unlimited Web Space, Bandwidth and Email Accounts.

Personal Experience:

I had amazing experience with them on the Silver Pack. Their customer service is fair. The up time of their servers are great. I faced issues sometimes very rare. Let’s say their servers are up for like 85% of the time. In a week, I face around 4-5 down time. I can’t really figure out what’s going on with them behind the scenes.

2. HostRipples

It is well known for me now. I didn’t paid attention to them most of the time because I think it was just not fair enough in the field of hosting until I started to host my blog on their servers.

Currently this blog is hosted on HostRipples and I agree that this is by far the best hosting for personal blogs or small websites with little traffic. It’s all because of the packages they have to offer.

Their lowest package is starting from a whopping 35 INR or 50 Cents a month. It is in the Linux Shared Hosting but you do get Windows Shared Hosting as well for a bit of more price.

Most importantly here’s what they offer with their lowest package and you might surprised

  • Hosts 1 Website
  • 1GB of RAM
  • Unlimited Disk Space & Bandwidth
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • 2 Email Accounts
  • 24X7 Live Support

Personal Experience:

It is so far so good. I face only once or twice down time in a month. It’s like 98% of up time. Also, their customer service is fair too. Personally, I liked the servers they have around the world. You can choose from them.

Wrapping Up!

Both of the Linux Shared Hosting providers has 1-click app installer called Softaculous. Therefore, you can install WordPress right away from the cPanel after configuring your domain.

Also, all the Top WordPress Plugins are compatible with the PHP version of both providers. I didn’t faced any issue with plugins and speed as well.