Ever wondered why professional bloggers do talk about several things related to blogging but never reveal the secrets related to blogging in one post. Here’s a post on every beginner bloggers should know.

There is secret for everything out there. Why they don’t discuss everything about blogging?

Ever heard this quote quoted by Joker in The Dark Knight Rises?

“If you’re good at something never do it for free”


Also, it’s pretty clear that once you reach the highest level in something you won’t be able to explain the way you can do while learning, to be honest.

I’m a budding blogger and do qualify for sharing my experience in blogging and studying what most professional bloggers don’t mention these things.

7 Things Every Beginner Bloggers Should Know

  1. Caching
  2. Light Themes
  3. Backlinks
  4. Email Collection
  5. Writing Styles [Free Template Included]
  6. Using Yoast SEO Plugin
  7. Automating Social Media Sharing

Did you get the idea?

Let’s get deeper into this. I’m sure you’ll be skyrocketing your blog just like me.

With those 7 things in mind, I was able to boost my blog from a whopping 70 Million World Wide Rank to 32 Million as per Alexa.

This is for all beginner bloggers looking for increase in traffic.

Also, I was able to drive 60 page views a day with a bounce rate of just 56%.

Don’t believe me? Here is the screenshot.

Proof of how I skyrocketed from 70M Global rank to 32M By Following Above 7 Methods

9 Wonderful WordPress Plugins You Should Have To Make Your Blog Even Faster

1. Caching

Many of the beginner bloggers don’t understand how important it is to load pages faster. Important for whom?
For the Audience as well as Google.

Google loves fast loading sites. In fact, according to Duda, 40% of people abandon the site if it fails to load within 3 seconds. That’s every beginner bloggers should know and keep it in mind.

It is little on the harder side if you want to make your blog load within 3 seconds.
Despite, doing all the work such as caching, minifying CSS, JS and HTML content & reducing the page size to just 300KB my blog loads in 3.4 seconds and is rated slow in Google Test.

You can always improve it.

Some plugins I recommend_:_

You can additionally use Cloudflare to make your blog load faster and gives extra security to your blog.

2. Light Themes

A theme is also the most important thing. Looks matter, you know that right?

Likewise, your blog should be appealing and look clean as much as possible. People usually don’t stay on messed up blogs more often.

By messed up I mean, full of texts, loads on unwanted ads and so on. It can also be your theme which features everything on the front page like two sidebars, a lot of widgets and plenty of stuff.

The best theme for blogs is when:

  • They are lightweight and simple or say minimalistic.
  • SEO optimized. (Ads fit perfectly without disturbing your content but still viewable for visitors)
  • They are navigable.

Here’s what I recommend:

  1. Astra Theme - This site uses it.
  2. GeneratePress Theme
  3. OceanWP Theme

Google works on an algorithm to rank pages as per the search keywords. Sometimes they release updates to an algorithm that shakes the whole SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) while some are minor. Another tip beginner bloggers should know about.

Apart from this, Google looks into sites first which have plenty of quality backlinks i.e, link to your site coming from other quality sites.

Google said #1 ranking factor is links, therefore, ranking without links is hard.

It’s all because Google automatically assumes that a site is worthy enough to good content when it has links coming other such good quality sites.

Remember, I’m not saying only backlinks can make your site good in the sight of Google. Google is smart and they have clever bots that scan your site.

With the latest updates their algorithm, Google is able to detect Thin Content, Affiliate Heavy Content & Ad-Centered Content as well.

Here’s What I Recommend To Get A Quality Backlink:

Broken Link Building - Easiest Method

It is easy but not as that easy as you think. All you need is to scrape sites relevant to your niche and using an chrome extension, scan the broken links on their site. Email them about it and tell them how the links on the specific page are broken.

Tell them about the same content you have on your site and how they can replace it with yours.

If they agree, there you go. A free quality backlink just by sending a formal email.

This method works almost every time. It’s because they think you care for their site and high chances are that they won’t waste their time searching for another link and instead put yours.

Guest Posting - Moderately Difficult

Although it’s not easy to Guest Post on different blogs or sites. First of all, you need to gather all the blogs or sites that let you Guest Post.
Geoff Kenyon, explains Guest Post Search Query very well.

After gathering, you have to email them to pitch the topics and get accepted further to write a guest post. If you don’t write, you need to hire a writer. Then lastly, you need to send them to see if they accept and publish it.

It is a lengthy process but works in getting you quality backlinks.

Ohh Yes, I forgot to mention that not all blogs give you dofollow links and also some blogs have strict guidelines and editorial fees.

4. Collecting Emails (Building Mailing List)

There is no rocket science at all here. All you have to do is to convert your readers into your subscribers.

A simple plugin in WordPress is able to collect Emails and keep them to allow you to send them newsletters or notification about what is happening on your site while they were away.

Here’s The Plugin I Recommend For Building Mailing List:

They all work with popular mailing service which is free, fortunately. Sign up for MailChimp to send the newsletter to your subscribers on a daily basis.

5. Writing Style - (Free Templates Below)

You worked hard, sweat dripping and literally crafted everything to make your content looks good and delivers the needs to others.

But? What?

The post didn’t skyrocket as per your expectations.

No worries, I can feel you.

You need to experiment with your writing style, you should put readers in your mind while writing.

Mostly, the only downside might be your writing style i.e, Content Template you follow.

I’ve been experimenting with these amazing templates by Ankit Singhla and I’m pretty sure my traffic and readers love it when I write my content as per the templates. (If you’re reading this, thanks buddy).

Content Templates By Ankit SinghlaDownload

6. Using Yoast SEO Plugin For Better SEO

Simple as it sounds.

If you want all your SEO job well done, you might need this SEO plugin by Yoast. It handles all the SEO for your blog and alerts you on what things you should be optimizing and their snippet feature is amazing which shows how your site will look in the SERP.

Keyword research is the main thing here. You have to input ‘Focus Keyphrase” in Yoast SEO plugin.

In order to input it, you need to research the keyword very well and it is the ranking secret too.

Here’s Are Some Tools I recommend:

If you want to know the chances you have to rank on the first page of Google with a certain keyword then I suggest you use UberSuggest by Neil Patel. It is the best thing to know the percentage of chances to rank for a particular keyword.

7. Automating Social Media Sharing (Saves My Time)

Being a part-time blogger has a drawback which is a limited time. Hence, I use IFTTT (If This Then That) to save my time by automating all social media sharing. So it’s in the list of every beginner bloggers should know.

Do you think that it is a really a pain in the ass when you have to share your blog post every time to Social sites one by one?

If, yes then I can totally relate to you.

While searching a solution for this issue, I came across a site called IFTTT (If This Then That) which automates sharing of your WordPress blog /posts to social sites automatically when you hit the publish button for the first time.

It is a pretty easy process. You sign up for it and forget about it.

IFTTT works on recipes. To spread your blog post on your social media handle automatically you need to use these recipes.

Here Are Some Applets Which Will Make This Process Easy For You:

Not only these applets, but there are also plenty more which helps you in automating everything.

Wrap Up:

I taught you the 7 things that every beginner blogger must keep in mind and as well as practice them in real time to get benefit out of it.

I can surely say, they are going to rank and get enough traffic right away on their blog.

If you any doubts, feel free to come and discuss in the comment section below.