A good physique is a quality which attracts mostly everyone. Sadly, not everyone has got it. Like, seriously, who’s got the time to hit the gym and workout for an hour or two, just to maintain a good physique. Well, it’s certainly not me nor it’s you, otherwise, you wouldn’t have opened up this page.

Below is a list of certain things, which, I do in order to be in shape. It’s all about “Get Fit Without Gym”.

P.S. This list won’t give you a physique like Tom Hardy or Jennifer Lopez, but, you can at least look much better than you already are.

Without further ado, let’s get straight to the points to stay healthy without hitting gym! Sounds like a big deal? Nah! I will show how it’s done.

Salad, Want Some?

Tips To Stay Healthy Without Going To Gym

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is one of the most important factors in maintaining good health. The world ain’t gonna break loose if you, just, drank a glass of water right after waking up. Now, I’m not talking about juices or energy drinks, they too contain a certain level of water, but just water is all you need to keep your body hydrated. Fresh juices are good for health, but, artificially flavoured drinks contain a lot of sugar, leading to an increase of fat in your body.

When you drink more water, you sweat more, and, hence, you’re breaking down the fats in your body. To beat the heat, during this summer, make watermelon your best friend. Watermelon is literally an oval green ball filled with water. If you find drinking water boring, the melon is your next best solution.

Active Time

Anything that can sweat you out can be considered as physical activity. It can be either jogging, cycling or playing outdoor games like football, basketball, etc. Still, most of the people don’t find time for it due to their schedules or work shifts. If you don’t find the time, you could do it within the work, for example, taking stairs rather than elevators, walking to work if within 1km or so.

However, just 10,000 steps a day or 30 minutes of active time can be a amazing progress.

But, this is something you can do once a week, on weekends, or whenever you’ve got a holiday. Most of the working adults, I’ve known, use their weekend, as an opportunity to spend time with their spouse or friends by participating in various recreational activities. This, not only, strengthens the bond among each other, but, it also keeps you healthy physically and mentally. Apart from this, you get fit without gym.

Fixing Your Daily Routine Schedule

Maintaining a proper day-to-day schedule, and by that, I mean, eating at the right time, and getting at least eight hours of sleep.

People usually skip their breakfast, as if it doesn’t matter. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, according to studies, a proper breakfast meal can boost your metabolism more than eating that same meal in the evening.

Decreasing your caffeine intake can show a good progress ahead too. You should be lowering it at least if not possible. Try only a cup of coffee in the morning with breakfast and forget about it.

Sleep deprivation is the most common problem nowadays. It increases your weight, kills your sex drive, ages your skin, and worst of all, it can cause chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, irregular heartbeat, etc.

Especially, the younger generation is sleep deprived, they’ve got more energy but they exhaust it soon enough, and hence, they need to get proper rest or it’s guaranteed that they might end up having one of the chronic diseases. So, sleep at least eight hours a day.

People considered sleeping as a luxury rather than a necessity. The studies show that cutting sleep short at night or staying awake all night does not release the hormones required for growing and essential for appetite and instead forms stress chemicals such as norepinephrine and cortisol.

Metabolic Diet [Important]

Your body converts food into fuel. The faster your metabolism is, the faster your body can turn nutrients from food into energy.

The slower your metabolism is, the more nutrients are stored in the form of fat, instead of burning them. By eating the right right kinds of foods, you may be able to increase your metabolism and burn body fat. Milk, lentils, egg whites, these are some of the food items which can boost your metabolism.

You should also paying less attention to fatty foods like Pizza, Burgers, and anything literally deep fried. They all give you excess calories and might require tons of work to be done in order to burn. Hence, this is the important thing before following every steps!

Cutting them off to smaller quantities is appreciated. Taking them on regular basis is a big NO!

The key hack to boosting metabolism is getting enough proteins in the form of food as they increase your metabolism by 15-30%. According to a study, those who take 30% of protein in their diet then they are likely to take 441 fewer calories which is a good thing to stay healthy.

Exercising [Can Be A Bonus]

Exercising at home is one of the best fitness solutions, sparing 15-20 minutes of your day, to work out, won’t harm anything. Also, the tools to get started aren’t that expensive. Get it and start working out!

Working out early in the morning, before breakfast, not only increases the size of your breakfast meal, but also increases your productivity throughout the day, plus, you get to stay fit.

Just a few jumping jacks, push-ups, skipping, yoga, etc. If you can’t keep a track of what you’re doing, there are many apps online which shows you exercises based on your BMI.

Just turn on the music, and, start your exercise. A bonus thing to get fit without gym. Some of the apps are listed below!


Pro Tips To Get Fit Without Gym

  1. Drink enough water daily, involve yourself and your loved ones in various physical activities.
  2. Get some sleep! Eight hours a day is considered the best!
  3. Proper diet! Cut down on Fried Foods, & Fast Foods.
  4. Exercise! It’s a bonus. You’ll get ripped if you follow this. Not kidding, it may take time and only works if you’re following all the things above.

Any doubts? Feel free to express your transformation story in the comments below. We would appreciate that.