DBS Bank, or widely known as Development Bank of Singapore is one of Asia’s Safest bank and Singapore’s Best bank. In the year 2008, they introduced its service in India. Since then they were operating from 12 branches across the country, India excluding Hyderabad. Now, they are doing fingerprint verification for Digibank By DBS in Hyderabad.

Development Bank of Singapore, Pic by Nikkie.com

Hyderabad, being the 5th largest city in India however, DBS Bank doesn’t have any of its branches there. Recently, DBS Bank introduced DigiBank by DBS and has been making headlines.


It is just like a personal yet squeezed to fit in your mobile phone. Just like other Digital banks i.e, Kotak 811 & Axis ASAP they introduced the digital version of their bank.

DBS Bank recently got approval from RBI to operate in India as Wholly Owned Subsidiary (WOS) making it the second bank in India to get such approval after Bank of Mauritius. DBS Bank Singapore now owns DBS Bank India Ltd. in India to operate.

Now, they are planning for expanding their services to 50 branches in 30 different cities in India.

DigiBank DBS Biometric Verification Now In Hyderabad

As we know, DBS Bank operates its 12 branches across the country and Hyderabad doesn’t own any branches of DBS Bank, therefore, people in Hyderabad couldn’t apply or open an account in DBS Bank.

Recently, when they introduced DigiBank by DBS, everyone living in India was able to open an account with just Aadhar Card. No paperwork hassles and no visiting to branches, however, there are certain limits on transactions that can be done in a calendar year.

To overcome these limits, RBI mandates every such digital bank to do the Full KYC that is BioMetric Verification before the limits can be removed from their accounts.

As Hyderabad doesn’t have any braches, DigiBank by DBS doesn’t operate or provide KYC Centres which are Cafe Coffee Day in the case for DBS banks. Also, they don’t provide agents to do KYC at your doorsteps in Hyderabad.

DigiBank by DBS in Hyderabad now opens full KYC for all its customers in Hyderabad. Like in all other cities, Hyderabad also got its centres in Cafe Coffee Day.

You can now also meet an agent by booking inside your DBS app or just visit Cafe Coffee Day near to you for full KYC process.

KYC Centres of DigiBank by DBS In Hyderabad

  • Cafe Coffee Day Branches Which Does Full KYC For Digibank Accounts
    • AS Rao Nagar
    • Ameerpet
    • Banjara Hills
    • Barkatpura
    • Charminar
    • Dilsukh Nagar
    • Golconda Fort
    • Himayath Nagar
    • LB Nagar
    • Majestic Heights
    • New Himayath Nagar
    • Pragathi Nagar
    • R R Arcade Habsiguda
    • Rainbow Apartment Tolichowki
    • Sindhi Colony
    • Srinagar Colony
    • Telecom Nagar

These are the list of all Cafe Coffee Day branches where full KYC for Digibank by DBS is done as listed in the DBS Bank App.

However, there is no official announcement of launching the DBS Bank India branch in Hyderabad. It is said to be opening one of its branches in a few months.

What Do You Need For Biometric Verification?

It is a simple process. If you already have an Digital Account at DigiBank India, then you should be having an application of DigiBank.

The reference number is located on the first screen after logging in the Digibank App.

You just need to show the reference number to the guy at the counter in Cafe Coffee Day and he will process your full KYC in no time.

Enjoy the DigiBank by DBS account without limitations.