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Netflix, one of the best digital streaming networks for Binge-watching, I mean who doesn’t know about it. There was a time when McDonald’s logo was more recognizable than the holy Christian cross itself. Netflix has set a similar mark. We are going to look at Netflix’s TV Shows you should watch before you die.

Netflix is one of the most trending binge-watching platforms around the world, and, if you are new to it, here are some thrilling shows which you should watch first.

Stranger Things

Update: The most awaited Stranger Things Season 3 is out now. It is streaming on Netflix.

It is one of the Netflix TV Shows you should watch before you die.

Netflix’s one of the most thrilling original drama, the show is based on a group of young teens, set in the ’80s. A government lab, situated near a small town in Indiana, unknowingly, opens up the way to the upside-down by their experiments.

The main plot of this show is the mysterious disappearance of a Will Byers, while most of the town search for him, his friends, the local sheriff, and his mother discover some revolting truths about the lab.

The man administered to run the lab experimented his own daughter to achieve supernatural power. The girl eventually escapes and lands into the hands of Will’s friends. She is the gateway to the upside-down.

Interestingly, the show comprises of two seasons, with the third season dropping soon on 4th of July.


Based on the characters of Archie comics, Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper, and Jughead Jones, this show is a must-watch for those who love to solve murder mysteries.

Starting off with the murder of one of the Blossom twins, Jason Blossom and Cheryl Blossom, who went for a pleasant boat ride in Sweetwater river, where Jason Blossom is shot and his body nowhere to be found.

The entire Riverdale town comes up with their own assumptions on how Jason was murdered, some even accusing his own blood sister.

The fact that this show gets more interesting, is due to the fact that Jason was trying to run away from his home with his pregnant girlfriend, Polly Cooper, Betty Cooper’s sister, but they messed up badly and one ends up dead and the other one ends up in a home for troubled youths.

But the relation between Coopers and Blossoms wasn’t started by Jason and Polly, in fact, It was Great Grandpa Cooper and Great Grandpa Blossom who started the town’s famous Maple syrup industry, but the relationship ended badly when Great Grandpa Blossom murdered Great Grandpa Cooper.

“Why was Great Grandpa Cooper murdered?” “How come Jason and Polly’s escape plan failed and who shot Jason and why was his body missing with her sister safe and sound?” These were some of the questions to which Archie and his gang try to find answers to.

The Umbrella Academy

This show has one of the weirdest starts, on one fine day in 1989, 43 infants were born to different women of different age groups, across the world, who had shown absolutely no signs of pregnancy, enticed by this weird phenomena, Sir Reginald Hargreeves, a billionaire industrialist, tries to adopt as many infants possible, and ends up adopting only seven. He believed that these kids were destined to save the world, one day.

He creates the Umbrella Academy and prepares them for it.

As time passed on, the entire family breaks up due to the strict and harsh nature of Sir Hargreaves.

Fast forward to the present time, six of the surviving members of Umbrella academy reunite after finding about the death of Sir Hargreeves.

After reuniting, they find out that their father passed away mysteriously, and an apocalypse awaits them, designed to destroy the whole world.

But due to their disturbing childhood and divergent personalities, they fall apart again, until it comes to their knowledge how the apocalypse can be prevented, and the only way to prevent is to find out the individual who unknowingly played a big role in causing the apocalypse.

Black Mirror

This show is a British sci-fi anthology series. This show examines the modern society, particularly regarding the unanticipated consequences of new technologies.

It taps into our collective unease with the modern world, with each stand-alone episode, a sharp, suspenseful theme exploring themes of contemporary paranoia. It’s more ambitious by design than a typical television episode.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is a movie based on such situations. Bandersnatch is Netflix’s new interactive, choose-your-own-adventure-style movie that ties us into the Black Mirror universe.

The Show is completely based on the options we choose, with various options leading to alternate endings.

Money Heist (La Casa De Papel)

La Casa de Papel or The house of paper is a show based on a criminal mastermind known as “The Professor”.

His aim is to print billions of Euros by hijacking Royal Mint of Spain and pull off a heist that was gonna be remembered for years to come.

To pull it off, he recruits eight ruthless people who are ready to give everything to him. The show starts with The Professor recruiting one of the eight called “Tokyo”. Time-lapsing six months into the future, we see them breaking into the bank.

Peaky Blinders

Based on the real Peaky Blinders, operating in Birmingham, England. The series, starring Cillian Murphy a.k.a Thomas Shelby is devastated by the traumas of World War I, starts his own gang along with his elder brother, Arthur Shelby, and younger brother, John Shelby.

Wondering why they were called the Peaky Blinders? Well, they wore peaked flat caps with razor blades on flat ends, used as a weapon to blind their enemies.

This series portrays the classic post-war era, operated under various gangs with every intention to rule their town.

Is it the end? Yup. If you know some of the amazing shows, share with us in the comments below and we will update our post.

In case if you watched all of those TV shows listed above or looking something else then we might recommend you some of the trending shows on Netflix or maybe the shows you must watch before you pass out.

Other Netflix TV Shows you should watch before you die!

The bonus TV series are compiled by Author. The above list is compiled by Abdullah Syed, Contributor.

Author, Emad’s Blog

Bonus TV Series

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It is one of the best biographic Netflix TV Shows you should watch before you die and most impressing is that it got 3 seasons. It reveals everything about the drug lord “Pablo Escobar”. His wealth, His death, His Lifestyle, & whatever you imagined. It is a must watch the show after all.

Diablero (Spanish)

This show might be not for everyone but definitely for the one who loves horror and comedy combined. This show is originally in Spanish but also dubbed into English.

It is all about Demons and Humans. Basically, this show tells us about how demons can control our body and how it can be removed. Scary? Well, you can decide.

The show starts with a priest in search of his daughter which he didn’t know that he had one until she was kidnapped by a demon. This show features a man who is a Diablero, which means Demon Hunter who takes down a Diablera (Female Demon Hunter) who helps a type 7 (Strongest) demon to come into the world and end it.

Also helps in finding a priest’s daughter. Fortunately, this Diablero fights for it and stops the world from ending by a demon.

Sex Education

The title says it all. If you’re a comedy freak and loves sex obviously then it is for you. It features kids from high school losing their virginity and hence introduces a lot of problems in their sex life. A kid named Otis whose mom is a sex therapist knows everything about the problem.

Another girl named Maeve comes to know about Otis and his abilities to fix those sex-related issues hence they decided to start a hidden therapy in one of the abandoned toilet near the high school. Am I going to tell you all? No way, experience the show and watch it. It’s official, Netflix is dropping Second Season soon.

Season 2 is now officially available!

That’s all. Hope you enjoyed watching these Netflix TV Shows you should watch before you die. Let us know what you’re going to watch in the comments below.

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