Do you want to upgrade the way you game but confused between Gaming PC or Gaming Console?

This is a serious matter for many of them. Let’s discuss about it in details, and in the end you might be able to decide which one is for you.

Keeping in mind about Gamers, I’m going to make a conclusion in this article. Therefore, you get a better perspective of why I am comparing these two gaming platforms. Before getting started, I will let you know that I’m aware of how both platforms works.

Gaming PC vs Gaming Consoles!

Does it look pretty simple? Like, if you want to play games, you should definitely stick with Consoles.

No, not at all. It is a tough decision for many of them and if you landed here then you might be probably one. In this article, I will discuss advantages & disadvantages of both the gaming platforms to make it clear.

Gaming PC: Is It Worth It?

Gaming PC can be very expensive. Although most of the people already have PC at home which is likely to be basic one. However, if you plan to upgrade it instead of going for console then it is a great idea. It might put a lot lesser dent in your pocket.

In gaming PC, you get the freedom you want. To elaborate this, let me tell you few advantages of building or buying Gaming PC.


  • Gaming PC can give you more crispier and detailed graphics in games. It is a fact. If you still don’t believe then take same game on both console and PC, see the difference. It is likely because a high-end gaming computer has a graphic card and a powerful chipset which combines to give you better looks while playing games.
  • Huge number of games are actually free for gaming computers. Either if any game is not free, you just have to pay a subscription fee monthly, that’s all.
  • PC games have own software which deal with making of it’s levels. Therefore, a community is gathered to give several mods and changes in games which console don’t give this freedom. You just have to stick with stock one.
  • Bored of games? Close it and do some other entertaining stuff. Pretty easy!
  • Doesn’t requires any gadget to record gameplay. Bandicam works best in recording gameplays.


  • Expensive graphics cards. To meet with latest games requirement, you need a high-end graphics card. It will cost you anywhere from $100 to $1000 to meet the requirement. Some of the best graphics cards which can almost handle every game at optimized settings are:
  • PC have tons of varieties of specifications like CPU Speed, RAM size, HDD Size, SSD Size, and Graphic Card Model & size, etc.. Therefore, a game working seamlessly in one of the computer you saw before might not work the same way on yours. It’s recommended to check the minimum and maximum requirements of specification needed for most of the games and come up with average built of your computer.
  • Gaming PC becomes obsolete quickly. In today’s world, it might become obsolete even faster. There are games releasing with challenging graphics at faster rates. Your PC configuration might need upgrades faster than your console. At the maximum, you need to upgrade every 18 months.
  • Requires technical skills to upgrade PC yourself.

Gaming Console: Is It Worth It?

Gaming console are most popular with lavish kids or the person who cares only about games. It is indeed for the one who play games in most of their free times. Gaming consoles are also bit pricy and additionally, they need a proper FHD TV to make the best out of it.

Let’s take a look at their advantages and disadvantages!


  • They are less expensive. Easy to use and simple. They are designed for easy plug & play.
  • No upgradation of hardware like Gaming PC needs every 18 months.
  • Games you love are console exclusives? A bonus point to go for Console then.
  • Multiplayer is amazing thing in console. Want to play friend? Give them a controller and boom.


  • Poor visuals or just not as better as it can be on Gaming PC.
  • Very expensive Games. You need to pay for every single game a high amount.
  • Restricted usage to gaming and streaming movies (New Consoles).
  • No mods and customization in games.
  • Requires additional gadget to record gameplays.

Who Won?

You decide. In my opinion, I would always prefer Gaming PC over Gaming Console as I’m not a serious gamer and despite from gaming I can do another lot of stuff like Blogging, Writing and Editing. If you’re willing to play games and have limited technical skills then it is much better to stick with Gaming consoles.

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