Since I started blogging, I overcome the danger of being careless on WordPress blogging platforms. It is almost risky.

In this article, you will be learning the Danger of Being Careless on WordPress blogging.

Mistakes Blogger Makes:

Mistakes happen when you’re being careless. I am going to share some of the dangers below so you won’t be doing it to stay away from Mistakes.

  • Backups: It is very necessary. People don’t take it seriously often. Backups are always important. It is just a plugin away. A one click plugin installation will do the backup easily. Hosting Server, Theme Customization, etc. can lead to corruption of files. When it is corrupted, you lose all your content. Every content, post and design everything is shattered within minutes. When you take the backup, you can easily restore everything back without any issue. You can use UpdraftPlus Plugin to backup your blog easily.

  • Appearance: It is most important to focus on all devices. Most of you are likely to design your website keeping desktops and laptops in mind neglecting the smaller screen devices like Smartphones, Tablets and more. Some themes get messed up when opened in Mobile devices hence making your readers move away from your site within minutes. To avoid this, make sure your website or blog is optimized for both mobile and desktops. It will increase your website traffic. In today’s world, more than 70% of the visitors are using Smartphones.

  • Monetizing Wrong Way: Before you make a big step like setting up another Ad network along with Google or using of URL Shortening for extra income. If you are currently monetizing your blog with Google Adsense then you need to be more careful using another Ad network which uses Popup ads. It is better if you don’t use any other Ad network along with Google Adsense. You need to read Google Adsense Policies.

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  • Writing Style: Today even I don’t like to read a lot of text. I only read what I am looking for, and only if it really clears everything about you’re looking for. Keep everything point to point. No matter what you are writing, make sure people understand it and are comfortable. Write like you talk. Simple yet effective. Many of the blogger writes but they either end up articles with lot of text and not getting to the point easily.

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