Do you have a hard time deciding which one to go for? Hard Disk Drive or the Solid State Drive, confused?

In this article, I am going to clear up the war between them clearly.

What is SSD?

Before getting started, I would like to elaborate and tell difference between the two drives which are HDD & SSD.

SSD: It is an acronym for Solid State Drive. All it does is retrieves digital information using only electric circuits. It is way faster than the HDD and has more lifespan due to no mechanical components.

What is HDD?

HDD: It is an acronym for Hard Disk Drive. All it does is retrieves digital information using a rigid rotating disk coated with magnetic material hence, we say mechanical components. It has a lifespan of around 5-6 years only depending upon wear and tear by using it.

What is the main difference between HDD & SSD?

The only major difference between the two disk drives are Speed, Durability, Size & Power Consumption. However, when it comes to Personal Computer many of them prefers HDD as they are cheaper and popular. Apart from it, they also do the job for personal computers.

When you prefer speed, the SSD comes in. They are way faster than HDD. A 7200 rpm HDD writing speed would be around 100 MBps while SSD can go up to 300-500 MBps.

Do I need SSD in Personal Computer?

It depends on you.

If you want to have faster boot time or you basically spend time editing large resolution videos then you should definitely go for SSD.

If you prefer only browsing, and a bit of work with applications around then HDD is better.

The Better One? HDD or SSD?

I must say both.

The personal computer will speed up to a great extent if you opt for both.

I would recommend using SSD for installation of Operating System i.e, Windows and HDD for your large files.

By doing this, you will get a faster computer. Everything will happen in a snap.

The editing applications like, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop and so on can be installed on SSD to experience better speed and reliability.

Installing both SSD & HDD on Your PC

It is a great idea to work with both. The only thing we will be adding HDD to our PC is due to the storage. As, the bigger storage SSDs are way expensive.

I will be taking a SSD of 120 GB which I think is more than enough to handle all the OS files and some applications I work on which requires speed & reliability.

How To Install SSD on your PC along with HDD?

It is easy to install one. However, you need to work around a bit to configure it and make it work.

If you’re looking to start everything from scratch or assembling a new rig then just install SSD in your PC and HDD simultaneously.

Put in the Windows Installation Disk to install and simply choose SSD to install windows on. Rest of the HDD can be divided into partition for extra storage.

However, if you don’t want to start from scratch and move your Windows OS files to SSD from HDD.

Read this guide and follow steps to successfully transfer OS files to SSD from HDD.