Investing hard earned money to buy a laptop? Cannot decide which one to go for?

Happens! Happens with many people out there.

Not a big rocket science. As you need someone with experience to tell you what’s best for you. 

Before buying a laptop, ask yourself if is it for your Work? Games? Editing? Streaming? or simply all of them?

What’s Your Budget?

Make your budget. Let’s say you have a budget of at least $2000 - $3000. While some of you might have lower budget like $1300 - $2000.

When you’re almost ready to spent a huge amount of money in buying a laptop then it should be enough to amaze you when you use it.

Which One To Go For?

For instance, I have a good amount of work to do. All daily activities from Blogging, Content Writing, Presentations, Editing, & other work.

In this I need speed and more better if it does my work smoother.

If you’re literally going to spend half of your time on the laptop, I would highly recommend you to get one of those Sleek Looking Apple MacBooks.

Don’t go on their beauty! No boy No!

Apple costs a lot. We all know that. But they are super good when it comes to their Laptops. 

Break Down: Apple MacBooks

Why To Go For Apple MacBook?

  1. Premium Feel & Design. All Apple products feel the same way. No rocket science here.
  2. Battery Life (It actually gives 9h 50m @ 75% Brightness)
  3. Speed (Faster than you think)
  4. Mac Operating System (No Windows, No Lags, No Updates, No Virus)
  5. Retina Display (Sharp and Smooth to Eyes)

How Fast Is It?

According to specs, MacBook Pro 15" has

  • 32GB DDR4 RAM
  • Intel Core i7 upto 4.8GHz on Turbo Boost
  • 3.2GB/s SSD Speed

Imagine. How fast it is. 

No matter what work you give it. Let it be a 4K RAW video to edit and render. It will do it in no time. Thanks to it’s Radeon Pro Vega Graphics.

Apple are super careful with MacBook. You should definitely go for one without thinking  a second. It’s not a big deal to use it. You will gradually learn to use it.

MacBooks are master piece. Once you start using it you won’t believe it yourself. Don’t believe me?

Go to your nearest Apple Store, try one. 

Gaming? Is It Good For Gaming?

Yes, definitely. 

Fortnite? Play it at the highest settings and don’t find a lag while playing it. 

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