Looking for Always On Display for OnePlus 6T? You need a rooted OnePlus 6 to proceed, if you don’t have root access then follow this guide below to root the OnePlus 6T.

How To Unlock Bootloader & Root OnePlus 6T - XDA Developers Guide

The crispier black 6.2" AmoLED display really needs the Always On Display. 

In this guide, you will be given a mod to enable the AOD on OnePlus 6T with just a simple flashing.


I’m just showing you how to do it. It works 99% of the time. If you mess up with steps I am giving, you may damage your phone. I’m totally not responsible for it. Proceed at your own risk. Thanks!

All of you love the Always On Display from Samsung S series phones, right? I though you’d really miss it on the OnePlus 6T despite it have an AmoLED display which is really good for Always On Displays compared to LCD’s.

How To Download Mod And Flash It?

It is a very simple mod made exclusively for OnePlus 6T. Don’t try it on any other device.

  1. Install Magisk on your OnePlus 6T (How To Do It?)
  2. Download the MOD.
  3. Flash the MOD using Magisk.
  4. Done. Now you’ll find the option to enable in Settings/Display/Ambient Display

Removing the MOD is causing bootloop. Therefore, if you ever removed the MOD then please delete /data/resource-cache via TWRP to fix the bootloop

It is recommended that you disable the MOD instead of uninstalling. Uninstalling causes bootloops for many users. If you uninstalled it and now it is causing Bootloops, flash this File to fix it.


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