Confused between two big cab services offered in India?

Ola vs Uber? or Food Panda vs UberEats?

Surprisingly, both of them offers and deliver food. While Ola has partnered with Food Panda to deliver food to you while Uber launched UberEats in India. 

We all think about several things before booking the cabs! They are,

  • Safety (We love our family)
  • Tidyness
  • Good Customer Service
  • Fares

Ola vs Uber: Honest Review

I’m now going to compare both of them for you. You’re then free to decide which one’s for you.

I’ve been roaming around Hyderabad cities between these two cabs often before judging and making this review. I might be eligible for it. However, you’re welcome to comment about your experiences in one of these cabs.

Ola Cabs:

  • Good Safety measures are implemented by Ola.
  • You get slightly good customer service with Ola. Even though I never faced issues regarding drivers in Ola Cabs. You just need OTP given to you to start the ride. 
  • “Best Prices” is just a myth. They have really high prices without surge rates. Ola cabs are not fare-friendly.
  • Share Pass offered by Ola is the best thing. They have fixed and flat rates for up to 4, 8, & 12 KMs.
  • Ola offers Bike Taxi too yet not fare-friendly. I recommend using Rapido Bike Taxi for an amazing experience.
  • Ola has good drivers. They are kind, cool and keeps their cabs clean almost everytime. 

Uber Cabs:

  • SOS and Emergency button available in App to press right away to alert nearby Police station in case of any compromises in Safety Measures.
  • 5 Star customer service. Even though the drivers are being really their own bosses and messing with their customers, Uber manage to handle the customer service good enough to satisfy the customer.
  • If it’s showering then you could get 2x Surge charges. Fares are amazingly reasonable at every time. However, more traffic makes fare higher. If you’re travelling late at night then experience the cheapest fare in Uber Cabs. I was charged Rs110 for an 18KM ride at around 1am.
  • Uber Ride Pass Packages in Hyderabad pretty much makes sense for those who take more rides in a month. Rs 199 for 20 Rides a month @ Rs 99 flat & Rs 249 for 40 rides a month @ Rs 99 flat. However, 250 is capped fare above that normal rate will be added to Rs 99. (Hyderabad City)
  • Uber Cabs maintain their cabs really tidy. They are well maintained and Chilled AC.

What do you think? Comment below/

I think both of them offer similar service at their best at time to time. You can compare and opt for any one of them. Read below how to do it.

Here’s how you can compare.

You can always open this App and compare both cabs prices to the same destination before booking them.

Download ixigo Cabs - Compare & Book Taxi before booking. This app comes handy.

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