Hey Guys! The 2018 is almost ending and 2019 is almost here.

2018 was an amazing year and I get to learn so much. I decided to share it with you.

In this article, I will be sharing one of my tips which vastly increased my knowledge this year. I’ve been a part of motivating people too, this year. I would love to continue it as long as you guys support me up!

Why I Use Quora? (Answering All Most Requested Questions)

Quora is the major part of my life. It’s never been a single day that I skipped reading and writing on Quora. You might hear of it somewhere or you might use it just like me. I’m telling you all this for a reason. There were been multiple requests and questions in my inbox about my so-called perfect English and vast knowledge in Computers and Medical Fields.

I never get a chance to answer all of you each and every time you drop me a message asking for motivation you could get from me in doing and learning the stuff. I always try my best to reply all of you back. Even if I didn’t replied you back, sorry about that.

I will be covering all those questions I get requested several times on Quora. Also, I will tell you Why I Use Quora Over Facebook?

Motivation Towards Tough Life: (Many Teens Requested for it)

No one has the perfect life. Everyone faces the toughest times in their lives. It’s an essential part of the life. This is the time, where you learn several coolest things about the life.

If you’re going through the toughest time, it is the time you learn the most. You will learn the following things, according to my experiences so far:

  • True colours of the people. When you go through the tough time, let it be anything the people around you which are your Friends, Relatives, Co-Workers automatically goes through a filter. This filter will let you know who is fake and who is real. In this way, you get to prioritize people. In most cases so far, parents are the one who stands by yourself, no matter how tough the situation is and no matter how old you get.
  • You will know the value of “Never Give Up”. You will learn that giving up is not the choice instead of working for it can be made as a choice. Next time, it will be a win-win situation. You will know what to do if tough time hits again, a simple “Never Give Up” will do the work.
  • The depth of your strength, integrity and patience. Tough times will teach you what you’re capable of and what is the purpose in your life.
  • You will learn how to be grateful. Tough times gives us long-lasting impressions. You will try not to complain about each and everything. You will be looking back at things you complain about and thank yourself that they are just to be worried about.

Now coming back to Quora?

How Quora Played A Role In My Life?

What it taught me is just amazing. It is a social networking Q&A site where millions of people share their knowledge, ask questions, share experiences and what not?

Reading and Learning from people with different views make me think even wider than I do now. I understand the perspective of life in different views everyday. I get to think more openly than a narrowed thinking. Your mind just grow vast and vast when you read and learn from people experiences shared. You will then make your experiences in life.

I ask tons of people I get to meet, “How they do it? How did they learn it? What are their views on it?" etc. I love listening to people stories and grab anything important to learn from it and conserves it for later use in my life.

Quora! It allows me do all those things I mentioned above with more ease.

In real life, I spent a good time with eldest one in families (Whenever I get to) asking their opinion and experiences they faced in their lives. How hard is it to lead a normal life from their views.

I ask my Father & Mother about their views in leading a normal life according to them. This is how I understand life and lead it towards the goal of mine.

We have those people claiming this as ‘Boring’ life. They say you die learning

When you know how to lead a normal life, you enjoy it like no one can.

Yes, I am just like any other teen out there. I am curious, I am in the learning stages of my life.

One thing I do differently here is, I follow trends which makes me happier. I don’t follow them blindly. I don’t follow them to look cooler in the modernize youth life. Some Examples are:

  • Smoking E-Cigs/Vapes, Stupid Challenges, and more doesn’t make me look cooler and nor does it make me happier.
  • The list can go on! You all know trends like Partying, Procrastinating, Hanging out.

You never need to follow trend to look cool or to show how Socialize you are.

Spending Quality Time With Quality People does it.

Blogging: How I Started It & Why? (Most Requested)

  • Blogging is just one of my passion. I thought to give it a try. I self-taught everything to me. I started one and running it as a side thing.
  • I started it to help people struggling with problems which can be done at home. I started posting some DIY (Do it yourself) guides online to help people who are less tech-savy to fix their problem themselves.
  • I learn everything myself by spending time with people on Forums, Blogs and more.
  • I make money from it but really don’t care. I monetize it so that it can pay my hosting and domain bills annually.

Am I Really Smart In Real Life?

No! I’m just down to earth and wear glasses thats all.

We all have talents. My talent is grabbing knowledge from here and there and reshare it to people. Guide them through the problems which I know how to solve. That’s it.

Several people asked me about my IQ levels. I gave try to some online test and scored around 118. It stated that it means above average!

IQ Test

I am not extraordinary or Einstein, yes the fact is I do have resemblance with his Hairs though. Many of my teachers and friends say that. Also, I get similar questions outside and good amount of stares.

I have naturally fine type 3 curly hair which are medium in size. I adjust them with my hands. Comb it to look more formal.

How I Write So Well In English? Tips To Learn To Write & Speak Fluent English. (Most Requested)

English is my second language. My mother tongue is Urdu (Hyderabad Origin). It is not perfectly good. There is a mix of Hindi in it as well and so many other new words, making it a customized version of Urdu.

Being a polyglot, English is my strongest language. However, not perfect. I have worked hard to improve the fluency in this language, various accent works and work on Vocabulary for hours.


  • Vocabulary. Work on it. It develops with reading. Try to learn the maximum number of new words every single day. That’s how it extends.
  • Grammar. The structure of clauses, phrases and sentences. Learning English Grammar makes you fluent in the English Language.
  • Reading every day helps you in learning new words easily. It helps you in getting fluent as well. Take a newspaper or any articles online. Read them.

That is how I improved my English so far. I’m still learning. My vocabulary is not up to the mark. I use Grammarly to track my performance. Take a look at this week performance below.

When I can do it, then you can too!

How Is My Social Life? (Most Requested)

It was nil till I came to 11th grade. I was an introvert, hated going to parties, hang outs, and meeting new people. I came to realize later, that I should socialize a little bit and try to get social as much as possible. Since then, I started to do my best. I can say, I am now an Ambivert.

To this day, I still have a bit of confidence issues. I get nervous a bit, stage freights and all. I hope I will coupe all of them in a while.

What About Your Love Life?

I am looking into it. To this day, all I had are crushes here and there. Nothing more beyond that. Thanks for staying till here. I do have some positive vibes I learned from successful relationships experiences shared by people. They do this simple things to keep their relationship healthy.

  • Being Straight-Forward.
  • Trust (Trust me, you need trust in Relationships)
  • Spend time exploring each other minds.
  • Creating memories together.
  • Compliments & Surprises.
  • At most, respect her space. She have friends, family and all just like you do.
  • Small gifts go a long way.
  • Take responsibilites for your own happiness.
  • Date like you would date in high school.
  • Get to know her family.

That’s it. It is the most I can remember of and are the main things when are short of the relationships goes complicated. I learned those basic rules of relationship from many people and found it true. Although, don’t take it too seriously. I am yet to date someone.

All packed up! I hope you had a great time learning new things. See you next time, cause we are family.

Drop in comments down below, if you need any help. I am here.R