Do you love the way your phone looks but are not very fond of scratches and doesn’t want to compromise the feel of your phone in hands by applying case and weight to your phone? Try GadgetShieldz Screen Protector.

You’re in the right place. You search ends here. Here’s the GadgetShieldz Screen Protectors Review.

GadgetShieldz Screen Protectors Review:

The GadgetShieldz screen & body protector does it all. Let’s have a look at its amazing features it has to offer.

  • It covers the whole body. No worries about scratches anymore.
  • Many phones are basically slippy when naked. This protector adds some friction to give you better grip.
  • Precise cut. Absolutely love it. It doesn’t compromise on anything. It looks like they are cut in perfect dimensions of your phone size. I was afraid to try it on my S8 curved screen thinking if it can cover the curves but I was impressed instead when it arrived. 
  • This thing once applied cannot be seen. You can’t really say that it has protector on as it is hard to spot unless you look at it carefully.

Unique Features:

  • I did some scratch test after applying. I used coins and keys to scratch the protector. It got some marks and scuffs on the protector after really scratching it hard enough. Woke up next morning and it all went away. It has self-healing capabilities.
  • I didn’t find a single millisecond of lag in response time on my device. I was tired of compromising the amazing screen on S8 with some 3D tempered protectors which adds extra glass and makes the response a bit slow. With GadgetSheildz, it’s like you ain’t using anything on the screen.
  • They offer scratch protection even for the Camera lens. 


  • Easy peasy application. A well-lit room does the work. Wipe your device with a microfibre clothe you get in installation kit and spray some solution on your fingers, display and protector. After spraying, align the protector and wrap the card inside the cloth and start moving in all the direction until you don’t find any bubbles. Wait for 5-10 min before using your phone again.

That’s it. You’re now ready to buy the protector. I bet it. Go on and grab it. Your phone will look the same way it comes out from the box but it will have a protection from scratches in all the way with Gadgetshieldz.


I’m not sponsoring the product. All are my personal opinion on the product. However, I applied for review unit of Skinnova Skins from Gadgetshieldz for writing another review on it. I am already impressed with their screen and body protectors. It’s all worth the money.

I am happy with their product. I have used it now for over a month with my new S8 while for other devices I have used it for more than a year. 

Buy GadgetShieldz Screen & Body Protector Now!

Click the link above to order it now. They ship worldwide.

Everyone has been wrapping skins around the phone already. There are many instagram pages selling skins with however customization you required. 

But, wait. Is that worth it? The skins on Instagram? 

No! It is just of poor quality. No texture, plain quality and no 3M quality sticking. I tested it out from many pages. 

I am currently waiting for GadgetSheildz to send me out the review unit of their Skinnova Skins so that I can really write my mind out about how it is different that skins on Instagram.

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