Boom! Beauty? Am I digging up those underrated beauty blogs on the internet?

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Hell Yeah!

Why not? You really don’t have to stuck with any one topic. Let’s get into beauty blogs. At the same time, check their designs out. I will be rating their overall design of blog in this article.

I have female readers too. I don’t want them to feel lonely at my site with all along my fellow male readers.

Beauty Blog You Will Love

Let me tell you that this blogs are really good with beauty as far as I know. Although, let’s shout them out. I will be rating their designs too.

  1. TheBeautifulTruth: It is a beauty blog managed by Sinéad. She is indeed sharing that beautiful truth. From face mask to concealers, she covers up all. Check her blog out. With over 4,500 subscribers and reaching 90,000 likes now on FaceBook. Her blog is cool & minimalistic. I would rate a good 7/10 for her blog. Good and bright choice and arrangement are well done.
  2. HudaBeauty: Heard of Huda? No? WTF? It’s ok. HudaBeauty on Instagram has over 30 million followers at the time of writing this post. She indeed has a blog too. She shares all those Products reviews and DIY tutorials for makeups. Check our blog, and it’s a must follow the blog. Coming to her blog theme, I would rate it 9/10. Beautifully boxed, materialistic design, and uses of bright colours.
  3. Marla’s Beauty Blog: A beauty junkie mom running a blog. She will be sharing her beauty tips, product reviews, travel requirements to countries, and secrets to amazing skin and hair. Coming to her blog theme, it is actually her shopping website too called BlueMercury on the inside. It’s really basic and good looking. I will be rating around 6/10.

There you go. You now know these great beauty bloggers!

Do you know that you can also start your own beauty blog right in few days?

How? Here’s check out my DIY tutorials for making a blog in few simples steps!

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