How many of you are landed on the first page on Google just by your name?

Ever wondered you can even land on the Google images if you implement a simple technique. That’s ok. Don’t worry now, here I’m going to explain you each and every step involved in getting you on the search engine with your name. It’s funny and maybe even give you slight confidence about you being popular, isn’t it?

Before starting, I want you to get the concept clearly. Therefore we’ll look into what we should be knowing.

What You Should Know Before Starting:
  • Profiles on Social Media Sites With Your Real Name (Ex: Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Instagram & LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Your Own Blog or Website With A Good Domain Name
  • About Page On Your Blog With Your Images With ALT text as Your Name.
  • Also Pay Attention To Use Your Name As A Keyword in About Page Content.

If you’re closely following the things I wrote up then you’re going to land on the search engine in no time with your name. Google will start crawling your site and your name will be also get into it as a keyword. Google will now start indexing the site into the search engine and you land up on the searches done by your name. When it comes to social media profiles, it goes under the same process. The Google crawl the profiles on the social media too. Therefore, make sure you don’t frequently change names or use some alias online if you want to get on search pages for real.

If you don’t have any blog or website then you can easily create one using this guide given below. Also, some extra tutorials on improving your website rank and important things to note to improve your traffic.


Yes, that’s real. You can always go & search me with the name and I pop up on the first whole page. 

If you have any quiries regarding it, you can always contact me.