Is your blog design as per the so-called latest designs nowadays? Ever heard about flat & materialistic designs? People actually stay reading more on your blog when they are comfortable with the design and visual looks of the surrounding of text on your blog.

In this post, I’m going to talk about various aspects of designing and maintaining your blog as per modern designs on the blog. We will actually focus on Minimalistic design because of their Minimal and beautiful design without compromising the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are tons of themes available by many developers out there. It’s just easy to download and apply it.

Choosing A Modern-Looking Theme

While choosing themes for your blog, consider the looks and feels. It should be minimal and good looking. It shouldn’t be heavily themed or really dark. People always love quick loading and bright themes. A flat or material design theme would be just perfect. Also, choose the one with the lesser amount of sidebar and widgets. I’m going to list down all the websites where you can grab those themes both for WordPress and Blogger.

Let’s see where we can fetch those trendy and minimal themes for Blogger.

  1. GooyaabitTemplates
  2. ColorLib
  3. BtTemplates

They have really cool themes to offer for bloggers out there. However, it cannot be as cool as those themes offered for WordPress.

Let’s see if we can really help with those sleek designs for your WordPress blog.

  1. WPExplorer
  2. ThemeGrill
  3. Lovely Templates

That’s all. Choose yours wisely. It will work and I wish you all the good luck.

Am I really going to arrange pictures for each post I publish? Yes, for real.

It’s all because you need to make it look neatly organised with all those featured images of your posts giving your blog a lively look and feel. I recommended you to use the online graphics designer tool for free. It is called "Canva".

It will help you in designing a suitable graphic banner as your post featured image. You can also use Google Images to search for similar images respective to your post and use it. However, make sure you have the rights. :)

Another important point in using images for your posts is that you will also get traffic through images. For example, people visit sites from Google Images. It might also help in landing your blog on Image search engines hence improving your traffic goals.


  • You learned how to improve your blog loading speeds and make your blog pretty neat and simple.
  • You learned that images play a major role in fetching you traffic from Image Search Engines.

Next time, don’t forget to include pictures in your posts. No one reads a lot of text unless they are Bill Gates! :)

See you next time, in the next post. If in case you would like to read about me. I’m here.

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