Is your blog or website performing poor as the day passes by? What it might be affecting your website? Don’t worry I will be talking about it in my article today so you can come up with different ideas on keeping your blog or website alive and ahead between millions of other websites.

Taking care of your website and managing posts is not a small task and everyone’s cup of tea. You have to come up with ideas to tell and talk about with people. However, we will look at some of the simple mistakes people make often when blogging. Rectifying the problems I’m going to state here in this article might help your website or blog to rise up quickly from all those thousands of sites lying around.

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You Will Learn:

  • To Get Better Ranking of Your Website.
  • To Avoid Mistakes In SEO.
  • Using of Tags To Drive Traffic.
  • How Social Media Can Help You In Driving Traffic To Your Site.

How To Improve Your Website Ranking?

Maintaining a writing streak:-

It’s as simple as you think. Improving your website ranking requires your attention towards your website. By attention, it can be the streak of your writing and generating content on your website. You have to maintain a streak of posting on your website to fetch you some traffic from here and there. People make billions of search every day and in those searches, you might land only if you produce new posts consistently. Maintaining a perfect writing streak on your blog might make your blog popular any day. Not only focusing on generating newer content but also focusing on its quality, it always raises your website ranking effectively.

Proper usage of Tags and keywords:-

Another important trick here is the usage of Tags and Keywords. I already mentioned about people searching billions of terms daily. To get into people’s so-called terms you need to define something in the post to help Search Engines get your site to them. This is done with the help of either Tags or Keywords. Your tags can be placed at the bottom of the posts by putting “Tags” as the headline. The keywords are placed in Title, Headings, and body of the post for effective ranking. The keywords can be used multiple times within the post to increase the chances of improving your website rank.

Avoiding SEO basic mistakes:-

Many noobs or beginner bloggers just start the blog right away. They usually fail to understand the concept behind the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which is the backbone when it comes to rankings. When your website satisfies the basic needs for SEO, the website is ranked more efficiently and fast. If you need to learn about basic SEO tips and tricks for your website then you should definitely read these articles to sort it out.

Improving rank with the help of Social Media:-

Do you have an account on any of the Social Media platforms? Yes, who don’t have nowadays?

Same as you, your website/blog needs its own account to get it promoted. Social media platforms are great when it comes to the promotion. You can simply share with the huge number of people in no time if you have a strong connection on Social Platforms. Mentioning your blog on social networking sites can also help you in sorting out the problem of Website Ranking. Social Media platforms index your site more efficiently and accurately. This indexing can help people to reach out quickly to what you have to offer.

All I wanted to say is, the social media platforms are better for the promotion of your Website. Once, you have improved site rank then it’s ok. You can focus on Quality Blog Posts, Blog Post Streak to maintain the site ranks.

Wrap Up:-

  • I have covered the basic steps for improving your website/blog rank.
  • How Important is the requirement of Social Media Account for your Blog/Website?
  • Proper SEO Tips & Tricks.