What’s so trendy? I saw Tim Cook trending on twitter. Yay! Apple CEO is going trending. I got a topic to speak about.

That’s how simple is SEO! You choose trendy stuff to get more traffic. Are you learning something about blogging? Ahh, get back to Tim Cook you moron.

Ok, Ok! It’s ok! I get you.

What’s So Trendy About Tim Cook, Apple CEO?

Many people don’t know about Tim. He is officially a CEO of the trillion dollar company, Apple. What is it that makes him Trendy?

iPhones? Hell no.

I have collected a lot of stuff that makes him cooler and spread like fire on the internet. I will be telling you more about him and what qualities you can inhabit from him. He can be your role model anytime after reading this article.

  1. Tim starts sending Emails to his staff members at 4:30 a.m in the morning for preparation of the day’s schedule.

  2. Cycling, Hiking is a part of his life as he is said to be fitness enthusiast.

  3. He revealed that his sexual orientation is Gay publicly on October 30, 2014, in an editorial at Bloomberg Business claiming that it is the biggest gift bestowed to him by God.

  4. In 2015, he was named “World Greatest Leader” by Fortune Magazine.

  5. Tim Cook Net Worth is $785 Billion

What? Yes, it’s real. He looks like he’s already the genius in living life.

In 1998, Tim joined Apple as a Senior Vice President. He closed many warehouses and factories to keep cost in check. He actually replaced it with Manufacturers which also reduced time. After leaving Compaq, and within 5 minutes of meeting Steve Jobs he already has said to be decided to work for Apple since then.

Apple, the company recently became the first company to cross a Trillion Dollar turn over. The new iPhones, XS, XS Max are also trending.

Tim Cook has been trending all over the internet already. Many people praised him for his success throughout the world while many praise him for his qualities.

If you would like us to know more about him or the stuff that makes him go trendy then let us know in the comment section below.

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