Getting into a relationship teaches you amazing ways to live your life to the fullest. Are we getting there?

Yes, we are. Before starting I would like to tell you that “By far, this is the most requested post for me. I had to think and compile all those issues lying around in relationships today to give you an idea of how it can go seamlessly without any problems”.

Essential Guide To Keep Your Relationship Intact: Love, Brain & More.

Do you see the heading? Why those words at the last even on the heading? What do you think it means by Love, Brain & More?

Sounds Funny?

We have an explanation on this.

You see the first rule in everyone’s brain when it comes to relationships is that “Love Is Blind”. I understand. Love is blind, it can happen anywhere and anytime.

Do you see where it is going? Maybe.

Brain? Yes. We use it for making decisions.

All I was trying to say is, you should make decisions using your Brain rather than getting heavy on situations created by relationships. A perfect presence of mind in hard situations is all it takes to recover the most complicated relationships. The presence of mind is actually going to so-called term “Brain”.

Ways To Keep Your Relationship Working:

Tadaaaa! People are looking for this. Billions of people on this planet and not everyone knows the importance of feelings, emotions and many such things. Wise one does search for it while fools just abandon it. Although, wise one search for it and work on it too.

  • Being the right one. You’re not perfect at least not 100%. Always be loyal and right. It keeps your relationship more powerful.
  • There’s nothing called “Ego” in relationships. If there is in yours, then it going all wrong. Work on it and get rid of it. It might be in either of you.
  • Think about the feelings of His/Her before taking actions. Try to be more on the softer side. The feelings are always on softer sides. You don’t need to be so harsh to make all the feelings go collapse. In simple words, it hurts.
  • Lie in relationships? You’re not even allowed to lie outside of the relationship. Get rid of it. Let your partner know the truth. It doesn’t do any good unless you really think that feelings can be hurt for real but you should try and say it (The Truth).
  • Speak Encouraging, Loving and Uplifting words when your relationship isn’t working as expected. If you can’t then just bite your tongue and pray.
  • The two of you are one! If she gets hurt then it’s most probably you will too. Handle her with care.
  • Get together as best friends do. Get to know about yourself deeper. Ask him/her about their day and how they feel. It relieves stresses! <3
  • Parents. They have full rights to you. Convince them rather than doing out stupid things around. After all, they will get it. The better you convince, the faster they agree.
  • Lust & Love are two different things. Decide what you’re up to. Almost today’s generation isn’t able to distinguish between these two.

Am I giving you more tips on this? Nah! That’s what I get and think and possibly scientifically proven as it is on my blog.


Do you understand how it is to maintain a relationship and most importantly to gain each other’s trust? If yes, then you’re the best. Go on and share it with him/her. Live happily the rest of your lives.

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