With over a billion apps available on PlayStore you might be confused about selecting those Apps for College students from the billion apps list. 

Here, I am helping you to pick those essential 20 apps for college students. I took several hours in compiling these apps to let you know what’s right for college students. I’ve also took help from some forums to discuss it before writing this article. 

However, sit back and enjoy the rest of the articles. All the download links to the apps are given along with the names. Click & Install. 

Before starting, I may also let you know that none of the applications paid me for their promotion.

10 Apps For College Students

This is not the huge list but anyway it is the compilation of must have apps for students. I took my time to analyse what do we actually need when we are college students. 

We should always keep some educational apps like Quora where millions of people share their experiences in their lives. It includes Interviews, College Reviews, and much more. A great chances of learning more before you graduate. Likewise, I have included Curiosity as well. Tiny cards By Duolingo helps you in learning languages and things using flashcard technique which is pretty effective and cool at the same time. 

Other than that, all are simple apps and some are belonging to forums sites as well which is pretty much the same as to learn new different things. We included Coding apps as well. Money Manager is a must for the students too. It helps them track their expenses while 75% of attendance is mandatory for most of the colleges, therefore, here we are with Attendance Tracker too. 

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