Are you planning to get a new iPhone but you’re residing in India? I think you might need to change your plans. Although I am not encouraging you to use Android, I am going to tell you some things you would do on your iPhone and it’s not satisfying as per your need. When it doesn’t satisfy then your purchase is not worth your money isn’t it?

Before you get bored thinking I’m an Android fan, I would let you know that currently I’m using iPhone in India and this is what I concluded to tell you from my experience. However, let’s get started.

Reasons Not To Get An iPhone In India?

#1 Poor App Developers from Major Banks in India

This is one of the major issues from my list. In Digital India, these banking applications are so necessary that you have to use it on a daily basis. The bank doesn’t care about developing and updating their Apps on the iOS platform in short words. I have complained and rated and done everything in order to let them know that they need to update the apps frequently but they never cared.


In India, according to Statista 82.18% uses Android OS while just 3.18% uses iOS. Do banks have to care about those 3.18 % users or those 82.18% users?

You decide. Therefore, Android gets faster updates and improvement to banking apps than iOS.

Even I have faced many issues with PayTM App while doing transactions on iOS. If you’re good with messing with your daily banking needs then nobody can stop you from getting an iPhone.

Disclaimer: I faced these issues with many banking App here in India. HDFC, KOTAK, ICICI, and SBI. All of them have either poor UI and performance issues. The apps on Android works faster and amazing User Interface.

#2 Apple vs TRAI over the new DND 2.0 App

Back in 2016, TRAI rolled over a new App to PlayStore which is called DND 2.0 and it claims that it will help in reporting Spam calls and messages. However, to let the app do this, it requires permission to call logs and messages.

Apple and TRAI both were trying to resolve this matter form 2016. Apple, however, didn’t allow the app DND 2.0 on the AppStore because it violated the Privacy of users by allowing their call logs and messages to the App.

Apple may not allow the app, hence TRAI will take action by telling the provider to delist or deregister all iPhones from their networks such as Jio, Airtel and all other network providers in India.

Apple doesn’t have a very huge market in India to worry about when it comes to privacy, Apple can make any decisions and it may also stop their sales in India.
This could pretty much be the reason not to opt for iPhone anymore in India. Anything could happen after September 12 i.e, the release date of the new iPhone and it’s renowned mobile OS iOS 12.

Update: iOS 12 seems to fix this issue. They added their own DND settings and they’re all good to go.

#3 Apple iPhone Genuine Repair Are Too Expensive

It’s no doubt that all phones are prone to damages in the day to day life. The day when it falls and breaks the screen you will feel the hole in the pocket. If you opt for genuine repair either from some top-notch repair center or say Apple Authorised stores then a screen replacement for iPhone X would itself cost you around Rs 18900!

Is it expensive enough? Hell yeah. You could get yourself a brand new mid-range Android at that cost.
Prices are taken from JustLikeNew. Believe me or not! They just make your device brand new. You can never tell that it was opened for repair.

Disclaimer: I’m not paid by them for promotion. When you do work like them, it’s easy for people to share it with other people. Cheers! Also no offense to any of the iPhone user.

That’s all for now. Share it with your friends and family with iPhones. Let them know about the upcoming disaster!

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