Professional, they say. What do they mean exactly by the term professional? Today, in this article I’m going to show you how you improve your writing skills in the English language. On a scale, I would say it is moderately difficult but still not impossible to be a good writer with amazing writing skills.

Disclaimer: I’m writing this article in the easiest way I can so that you can get my point right away. Therefore, I have mentioned two types of writing skills according to me. If you go deep, there are actually four types of writing skills/styles which are namely Expository, Descriptive, Persuasive, & Narrative.

Two Types of Writing Skills:

According to me, there are two types of writing skills. One is more like a casual writing skill like when you tell your story/incident to someone else like a family member or your friends in a friend circle. For example, like I’m telling you how to improve your writing skills in the English Language. As a personal blogger, I would love to talk to my audience in a casual way than over a professional way.

Another one is Professional Writing Skills, which is nothing but you’ve to be more professional looking when you’re writing. A professional writing skill is used to guide people or mainly when you’re interacting with some corporate companies or groups.

How Do I Improve My Writing Skills In Both Ways? Any Tips?

I would be glad to offer you as many tips as you want. But, reading is now too mainstream. I have to keep my article in proper length so that people can actually don’t get bored. I have to come to the point faster in order to keep my audience in touch with the article till the last. If you would like to ask or clear any doubts regarding tips, you can easily contact me at any social sites and also leave a comment below.

  1. Reading: Our young generation really doesn’t like to read. They prefer animation over text. The animation is much easier to understand and not get bored easily. You should read anything you get to read. Let it be a book on anything or just your daily newspaper lying in your house. If you’re not into either of the options then go for Quora. You will find the bunch of people writing amazing stories where you can read them and gain knowledge and experience too. Amazing Social Platform I must say. When you make reading your habit eventually, you’ll be able to know that how vast your vocabulary is. How fluently you can play with words. That is how it works. It is just a type of skill which needs a bit of transparent practice.

  2. **Learning A New Words From Dictionary:**When it’s your free time, grab a dictionary and check out new words. It will enhance your vocabulary in an effective way. You will get to learn more professional words to use and impress anyone out there. In professional writing skill, you need plenty of professional looking words which are of course hard to learn but are worth it.

  3. **Paying Attention To Grammar!**The effective set of writing skills are nothing without proper grammar. It’s a total waste. When someone reads you piece of writing, they are more aware of grammar than your professional words. If you are still feeling down when it comes to English Grammar, you need to work hard on it. Improve your grammar along with vocabulary.

  4. **Improving & Learning Spelling of Words in English:**You should be skilful in spelling each and every word in English correctly. No matter if it is more casual or profession. Spelling any word wrong seems to be big down to your readers. It will make a wrong impression of yours. Careful with it.

Yes, that was the end. If you follow these basic steps, you can improve yourself a lot in just a few months. Just remember to read more and observe the way of writing the writers write. If I really helped you, you can always share my article with your friends and family to spread the love.