Most of the people in India claims that all celebrities use iPhone because it shows a symbol of being rich. While many of them think iPhones are overrated. In my opinion, it’s not overrated. It was never. I know many of the people couldn’t afford it and that doesn’t mean it is overrated and is used only for showing a symbol of being rich. When you look back at Apple’s history when they launched their first smartphone Apple iPhone in 2007, it was ultimately a huge success for a reason. The reason was that it was totally different from all other smartphones.

As expected from their huge success, they sold over 1 million devices in just 5 days to be precise. 6 out of 10 American’s according to a survey conducted shows that they knew an iPhone would come before it’s release.

What should I do by knowing this?

Consider this as knowledge although it is important to know about the company before we are going to talk about why it is successful. And also, it is a fun fact that the majority of people opted for the iPhone. There is nothing to do with the prices, that are just their decisions.

Why celebrities or famous people have iPhones all the time?

In short, they’re much aware of their private life getting mixed up with their huge fan based lives. iPhones are less risky when we talk about viruses, data leaks and so on. Apple worked for years improving their security and the world best Mobile Operating System iOS. iPhone works on it. Apple puts privacy their first priority. Privacy might not be an issue for you being a normal user but for the one who is extremely popular, in this case, celebrities. They should be aware of privacy. When you’re popular among millions of peoples not all will be the lovers unless you’re an Albert Einstein. There will be haters and will always look or come forward to hurt you. Privacy matters. The sole reason is the privacy and Apple loves privacy so do the celebrities. Hence, most of them own iPhone.

Are you an Apple Fanboy?

If you’re reading this article, many of you might have this question already. As I said, not all will be lovers as there are some haters.  NO! I am not a fanboy of Apple. I am just sharing my opinion on why all celebrities use iPhone. If you’re using an iPhone for an exact same reason then thumbs up in the comment section below. See you again in the next posts coming up.