What on earth it made you watch before you die? Look, it’s that good to watch. I know some even don’t know about Netflix but if you reach here reading my article then you must know what Netflix is about and what it offers.This article will be simple as it’s title says. I’m not going to explain all the stories to you. However, I will be embedding those series Trailers from YouTube so you can get to know if it’s really worth watching or not. If yes, share it. If no, then you might have different taste and maybe that’s why Netflix suggestions also failed in giving you the suggestion.

Before I take away all the interest from you in reading this article, let’s begin.

Netflix - Top Series You Should Watch Before Dying!

  1. Stranger Things: Many of you may have already watched this series. But, many may be missed it. If you didn’t watch it then go watch it right away. One of the best series on Netflix, I must say. Next time, I will ask “How did Will Byers disappear?"

  2. Dark: Is it even a series name? Yes, it is. Are you familiar with Black Hole and Time Machine? If yes, you should watch it. Definitely worth it. I love it.

Note: The list will get updated every time I come up with an amazing series ever on Netflix. In the meantime, you enjoy these two series.